Ricks Picks, Eat Drink Local Week

Rick told me that the gang at Ricks Picks was going to be posting each day starting before 4th of July weekend with 7 different recipes using one of the pickles with one of the 7 ingredients:  strawberries, peas, chives and green garlic, rhubarb, lamb, oysters and yogurt.  This is a celebration of the Edible community. 

I wanted in so here is what I created, using lamb as one of the ingredients.

Grilled and sliced leg of lamb

Thin slices of goat gouda that will easily melt over sliced hot lamb

Mixture of Dijon mustard mixed with a few drops of Worchestshire sauce

A piece of Napa cabbage

Chopped handful of Hotties

Chopped handful of grape tomatoes

Soft bun

Hotties_main Cut the bun in half, scoop out the top half of the buns inside bread (makes for a better layered sandwich), slather the bottom half with mustard mixture, put in slices of lamb, top with gouda, top with chopped pickles, topped with chopped tomatoes and layer over a slice of Napa cabbage, put on the top…Voila.   Nice tasty sandwich with a good kick from the pickle.  Perfect lunch.



Comments (Archived):

  1. Aaron Colman

    I love the hotties, they make it almost all of my lunch sandwiches.Although yo certainly do have to chop them as they are a little much as are.

    1. Gotham Gal

      do you do just eat them plain or make something with them?

      1. Aaron Colman

        I usually slice them to half the thickness and use in sandwiches.I have tried finely chopping and using in a sardine pate, it worked but i need to work on balance of other ingredients – certainly didn’t par great with balsamic (a staple in my sardine pate).

  2. Erin Newkirk

    This looks amazing + I love Rick’s Picks! Best pickles out there. The hotties are outstanding.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks erin.

  3. Sunchowder

    This looks delightful!!  I was in the city for a quick in an out for a Bar Mitzvah last week, I was over on the West Side and in Mid Town scoping some stores–Rick’s Picks were on the shelves of almost all the stores I went too!  Kudos, his products are fabulous!!

  4. Tereza

    Note to self:  don’t read Gotham Gal when hungry.