The Dutch

The Dutch is one of the hottest restaurants in NYC right now.  Getting a reservation is not easy.  I tried and failed several times.  But I went with someone this week who is able to score a seat any time and anywhere.  Thank god for friends. 

Supposedly the menu has changed since it opened and will probably continue to change over time.  There are three rooms.  I really like what they have done with the space.  Masculine in feel yet very much like a big local bar.  The only thing that is tough is the noise levels are super high.  We sat in the back room, in one of the comfortable banquettes and until the room cleared out I had trouble hearing.  Kind of a drag. 

I started off with a cocktail as they were really being talked about.  Barrel-Aged Brooklyn Cocktail.  Rye, Vermouth, American Picon, Oak and a huge Luxrado Maraschino cherry on the bottom of the glass.  It was quite delicious although every time I sip a cocktail, I can close my eyes and go back to High School when we would order cocktails at restaurants that would serve us.  The taste just brings me back.

Each table gets a small corn bread.  A nice spicy kick and moist.  The menu has a Southern twist to it with a modern flair. 

Our first appetizer was a crab dish.  Bloody Mary mixture, per se, on the bottom of the dish with pieces of crab layered across the plate and green goddess dressing hidden through out.  Very clever. 

Crab sandwiches
These little softshell crab sandwiches are fantastic.  Crispy crab in a small bun with a nice sauce and some lettuce.  The perfect summer dish.

Just on the name of this dish alone was worth tasting.  Asian White Boy Ribs.  Falling off the bone, coated with sesame seeds and an Asian spice an hints of cilantro.  Very sticky but of course they came by with a bowl of wet towels after you finish. Nice touch.

For a main I went with the black bass.  Steamed black bass with a few mussels and a lemon grass curry with some peanuts.  Flavorful and well done.  Many of the meat dishes sounded too heavy although the Pecan Duck was intriguing when the heat comes I find it hard to eat heavy food. 

Cherry pie
For dessert we had two.  Cherry pie with toasted almond slices.  I am not a huge cherry pie fan.  The filling was good and the crust wasn't flaky enough.

Strawberry shortcake
Strawberry shortcake was amazing.  The small bisquits were buttery and moist.  The fruit was sweet and the whipped cream was the perfect compliment.  This we finished.

Glad I went and will absolutely go back.  My guess is that The Dutch will come into its own over time as all good restaurant do.  The place has been jammed from day one and the atmosphere is happening.  To maintain a long run the food has to be good too.  Will try and make my reservation sometime this month for October.  LOL. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Alexistabak

    part of the fun I think is the challenge of getting the reservation or knowing people who can.. this looks like a cool place, thanks for the write up xo

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is quite a challenge.

  2. Laura

    Wonder if I should book now for Christmas? Excellent review as always.

    1. Gotham Gal

      that would be too easy. i think you only have 30 days in advance to do it.

  3. Cookiemoo

    Restauranteurs need to be more cognizant of the noise levels in their restaurants. ¬†Great food, service and decor doesn’t cut it for me if I can’t have a comfortable conversation.

    1. Gotham Gal

      agree. seriously difficult.

  4. RichardF

    those crab sandwiches look to die for!

    1. Gotham Gal

      they are pretty damn good.