Alas, last day in Paris until next time

Alas, last day in Paris, until we return

We got up late.  Sunday is still considered a day of rest in Paris.  The streets are empty and many of the restaurants are not open.  When we were here a few summers ago, for an extended period, we spent Sunday at the Farmers Markets stocking up for the week but going there without a kitchen to bring back bags of goodies would just be too heartbreaking.

Cafe breakfast
We started our day out at a café near the Eiffel Tower.  Not a place we’d go at this point but we are with Josh’s friend Max who has never been to Paris and we want to make sure he gets to take in some highlights that you must do if you have never been.  We went to Carrette and had the classic French breakfast that we have had every day.  Basically bread, butter, jam, coffee and orange juice.  Can’t be beat.

I have never entered the Eiffel Tower from the back end and there is a beautiful large pool with many fountains.  This picture if taken from above as we walk down the steps.  Iconic.

Josh:max eiffel
The line was insane to get up to the top including the option to walk up half way so we just stood underneath, took it all in and left.  Many street peddlers.  Josh haggled a guy down in less than 5 seconds to half the price and scored this hat. 

Maricano rue rossiers
We jumped on the Metro and made our way over to the Marais, Rue de Rossiers which is primarily a Jewish neighborhood so mostly everything is open on Sunday.  There are a few falafel places there that have crazy lines on Sunday.  I wanted one but was still full from breakfast so instead wandered into Maricano an old jewish bakery.  The pastries are not that good so just go in for a sniff. 

Whiskey shop
The cafes were so crowded and we couldn’t get any seats outside so we decided to go back to the Tuilleries.  In front of the Metro was a Whiskey Store.  I love Japanese whiskeys so I took the shot for possible later purchases.

Tuilleries cafe
We sat in a café in the Tuilleries to put our feet up.

Cheeseplate tuilleries
Split a cheese plate and some diet cokes to energize us for the next event.

We walked over to L’Orangerie which is always worth stopping in.  To see the eight Monet water lilies is just breathtaking.   There is also a collection of Picassos and Rousseaus as well as others artists downstairs but for me, it is all about the water lilies.

Back to the hotel for some down time before heading out for dinner.

Comments (Archived):

  1. rachel

    There is something about the Monet room @ the L’Orangerie that is just so magical. 

  2. awaldstein

    You’ve captured Paris oh so well! Thanks.I have Paris envy big time after reading them.

  3. Ryan Drew

    Between Water Lilies, the downstairs Guillaume collection, and the location, L’Orangerie is truly outstanding.

  4. skysurfer172

    I like to walk the streets of Montemartre. There is always something interesting to see in that neighborhood. Kind of reminds me of Brooklyn. Walking the steps of Sacre Coeur is a great way to burn off the croissants!!