another day in paris, taking it all in with not enough time

One of the things I taught our children is how to take in a city and how to get the most out of traveling.  A few lessons are do your research before you get there.  If you can, make reservations in advance for dinner every night just to have them and if you don't use them, who cares, it is a good back-up plan.  The second is to make lists of everything you want to see and do and walk, walk, walk until you drop.  Yesterday, Josh, Max and I definitely followed that rule of thumb.  We began at 10am and didn't get back to the hotel until 7pm.  It was fantastic.

We started the day at Cafe Flore, a classic institution, to have breakfast.  Overly priced but well worth the whole experience.  Many of the events we are taking in this trip is to show Max, our Paris. 

Afterward we walked over to the Luxenbourgh Gardens.  There was a small pop-up modern museum.  I loved how the museum was on top of the parks rocks.

All of the pieces are modern and from artists in the West Indies.  Max participated in this.  You sit in this chair and look at a wall of streaming video that consists of waves.  Puts you at a beach.

Then then circled back to the pond and eventually back over to Laudere.  Stopped by Saint Sulpice just for a few moments as they have finally finished construction.

Had to taste a few macaroons. 

Rose Petal, Pistachio and Vanilla. 

I stopped in one of my all time favorite stores here, Muriel Grateau. She makes the incredible table linens. 

Fred left us at this point and the three of us hopped on the Metro over to the Marais ( the 3rd ) to go to Enfants des Market Rouge.  One of our favorite lunch places.  Japanese.  We each got a little something different over rice in a bowl.  Max noted a few things.  Why don't they have a place like this in NYC?  Also, people dress better here.  Nice one.

We walked around the Marais going into a few stores.  This one in particular L'Eclaireur.  A concept shop.  There are a few around the city and the on in the Marais is on of the newest.  Beautiful clothes. 

I had never been to the Musee Quai Branly and figured why not. When we got there we took the elevator up to Les Ombres to see if we could have a drink.  The views there are amazing.  They were definitely not serving but let us go out to the balcony and take a few shots.  Pretty sweet.

We went downstairs, had a glass of wine and then made our way into the museum.  Didn't love this museum.  Architectually the museum is very cool but the content just didn't do it for us.  We left. 

I dropped the boys off and I pushed forward.  Going to Maria Luisa which sadly closed.  Hit up a few stores on Saint Honore and go back to the room just in time to change for dinner. 

What a day!

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  1. Caterineflair

    Love the pistachio macaroon! If you come to London, let me know, I can give you a few tips.

  2. Mwilkotz

    And Pierre Herme? I’m always sad if I’m in Paris and can’t stop by!

    1. Gotham Gal

      oh yes, we have been by. we were craving the double napoleons but they areonly available at the store on the left bank. Must go today!

      1. Mwilkotz

        Makes me hungry just thinking about it.  Enjoy!