Frenchie and Spring was two restaurants I have wanted to try each time i have been in Paris.  Not so easy although keep in mind that Frenchie has a wine bar that you can stop by and see if you can snag a seat.  Gabe and Gina were in Paris a few months ago (the owners of Joseph Leonard, Jeffries and Fedora) and had been to both.  Gabe got me the reservation at Frenchie and we were psyched.

We met Emily and her friend Jane at Bar Hemingway.  The place is so small and we didn't get in so instead went to the outdoor bar.  The Ritz is huge and bars are abundant.  I had a spritz.  White wine, campari and selter.  Nice start.

Frenchie tomato
Then we walked over to check out Emily and Jane's apartment which is the perfect Parisian haunt.  Small but hits the high notes.  Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, wi-fi and washer/dryer. It is in the 2nd which is a very cute neighborhood. 

We walked over to Frenchie which is down a carless street.  Super cute.  The restaurant is on one side of the street and their wine bar is on the other.  It is a price fixed meal.  Two options for all three servings.  I started with the sweetbreads.  Amazing.

Smoked trout
Others has the smoked trout with lingonberries. 

For dinner some had the bass served in gazpacho with pieces of chorizo and watermelon.

I went with the chicken that was served with a cous cous and olive mixture.

Went with the cheese for dessert.  One of the most amazing pieces of cheeses, ever.  Thinly sliced, gruyere in taste doused with black truffles.  Wow.

We walked home through the area of the 2nd which is like Rue de Bucci which is loaded with restaurants and shops.  Very cute.  Long night.  My feet are killing me!

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  1. Manuel Mates

    Some  of my favouritesa) Le Comptoir du Relais restaurant in Paris (France). 9, carrefour de l Odéon, Paris 75006 – FranceOffers French_Brasserie style cuisine b) Venice- Italy: http://www.osteriaortodeimo…, owner Lorenzo, form sicily,  top 3 restaurant we had lunch around Europe the last year: Best pommodoro di san marzano con mozzarella, tagliatelle al nero di sepia, gnochi,  tiramisuc) Dont forget a tapas route in Andalucia, Spain:  Gazpacho… Cordoba o

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Jmscottcsw

    Your grammar, even in English, my God!!!  “Frenchi and Spring was…” ???”Others has the…” ???You can look for the other errors.  They are there.  This is an ongoing problem with this blog. Makes one wonder why anyone advertises!

    1. Gotham Gal

      makes me wonder why you bother reading it.

    2. Guest

      The absolute rudeness of this post has irritated me so much today.  Fred and Joanne go out of their way (even on vacation!) to provide knowledge to a larger community of people they have never even met and you have the nerve to post this.  Interestingly enough you post it without a real name or profile picture.  I guess that is how most bullies operate.      

  3. Hey Joanne- I think somebody is jealous of your ability to travel to such beautiful places with your beautiful family. Oops was that a run on sentence?! Have fun and thanks for years of great tips…