This is one of my go to recipes for summer.  It is simple, it is light and it can stay in the refrigerator for a few days so people can just grab some when they have a hankering.

2 red peppers chopped

1 yellow pepper chopped

1 small vidalia onion chopped

2 cucumbers, peeled, seeded and then chopped

4 pieces of celery chopped

10 Italian tomatoes chopped

1 can of Tomato juice

1/2-1 cup of Apple Cider vinegar ( depending on how tart you like your soup )

1 few shots of tabasco sauce for spice

plenty of Kosher salt for taste

You can chop your veggies chunky or small.  I go for something in between.  Put them in a bowl, add the tomato juice until the veggies are covered, add in the vinegar and stir for taste.  Add salt for taste.  Add tabasco for taste.  This is definitely one of those recipes you have to play with. (BTW, you can add a green pepper too if you like them)

Put in the refrigerator for at least four hours so the flavors gel.


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  1. Eric

    Wonderful recipe thanks for sharing.One small nit pick – it is Koshering Salt. All salt is kosher, but the coarse salt I think you mean is called Koshering Salt. Ran into a small problem with this once.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i am pretty sure it is just kosher salt.

  2. elaineellis

    Not only is your relaxation good for you, your readers are benefiting from the recipes. 

  3. Cecelia Feld

    I will try your recipe. My standby is from Jane Brody’s cookbook. It can be found on-line. It’s a never fail recipe and delicious without any tweaking. When I’m lazy I use the food processor to pulse everything after cutting the veggies into chunks. That way the result is not totally pureed. Use low sodium tomato juice if you can find it. Also, I substitute one half red pepper for the pimiento.

  4. Ying

    Thanks for the sharing. I made a yummy corn salad for lunch today which is quite similar to yours. I did not put onion in it because it will smell in the air conditioned room. It is too hot outside. I am praying for the rain, like the ancient people. I post the recipe on my tumblr

  5. ellen

    Diamond crystal kosher salt are morton’s kosher salt are two brands.  It is called kosher salt but you can use it  in the koshering process.  My Dad loved to use it to salt fresh chickens from the Chelsea market outside of Boston.  

  6. Gail

    How big a bottle or can of tomato juice?  Small or Large can.

    1. Gotham Gal

      large can. the key is basically how soupy you want the soup. this time ididn’t use that much juice and the soup was seriously chunky. other times ihave used more liquid.

  7. Fernando Gutierrez

    Gazpacho is typical from Spain, my country. It feels great to see that you like it. Here you can ask a hundred people and you’ll have a hundred different combinations of the ingredients, but I’ll add a few remarks.We usually don’t use tomato juice. Instead we normally make a puree with the ingredients and add some water (or ice if you need to cool it fast). We also use some olive oil and most people prefer garlic (be very careful!) instead of onion, but that’s not a closed issue. Sometimes we had some bread and the soup gets thicker.I had never thought about adding tabasco, but I already taste it’s a great idea. Will try next time.My mom’s recipe (obviously she makes best gazpacho ever!) is:-10 tomatoes-2 green peppers-2 cucumbers-1/2 onion-1 big splash of olive oil (sorry I can’t be more precise with the amount, she rarely measures things when cooking but the results are consistenty great most of the times!)-1 small splash of wine vinegar-Some bread-Salt-WaterThen everything to the food processor and the fridge.There is another variant in the south of Spain called salmorejo. It’s similar but they take out peppers and cucumbers and add even more oil and bread to make it thicker. Usually small bits of ham (Spanish ham is similar to prosciutto but more cured) and hard boiled egg go on top.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yum. I’m making this

  8. William Mougayar

    I’ve been looking for a simple gazpacho recipe for this hot weather, and this one looks perfect, plus or minus Fernando’s variations. Thanks.