I bought a pair of flat shoes and my feet are still killing me, paris

Cafe paix
Yesterday we had breakfast at Cafe Paix located right across the street from the Opera.  Makes for good people watching and on occasion a car accident.  Classic breakfast with a nice basket of bread.

We jumped on the Metro over to the Pompidou.  Wasn't loving the exhibit of the moment so we stuck with the always well curated permanent exhibit.  The escalator up to the main exhibits is just one of the most interesting and I can't help but always take a picture here.

Joan mitchell
This piece is from Joan Mitchell, one of my favorites.

This particular piece is all about sound.  The round mirrors move and create noise as you walk towards them.  Interactive and very cool.  The artist is Cerith Wyn Evans and it is called the Throbbing Gristle.

Outside is a reflecting pool with a few statutes.

Upstairs there is currently an exhibit called collections of modern art.  Unbelievably well curated almost overwhelming to see so much fantastic art by the best artists of their time on one floor. Early Picasso

Piet mondrian
Piet Mondrian

Man ray
Man Ray


Kandinsky in a room near Ernst. 


Bacon with lovers
Francis Bacon, the left piece is of George Dyer, his lover, Bacon in the middle and Lucien Freud on the right.

Picasso more
More Picasso

Robert Capa including Jasper Johns and Yves Klein

Mark Rothko

Henri matisse
Henri Matisse ( and an early room chocked with his paintings )

We were exhausted and went to George to have lunch.  George is located at the top of the Pompidou one of the restaurants owned by the Costes Brothers around town.  These restaurants came on to the scene in the mid-90's, I believe.  It is time for a reason redo.  The place not only feels old, the food is far from how good it was originally and the service is terrible.  Honestly would only return on a beautiful day for the views and location to have a glass of wine.  Above is the crab salad, terrible tasting.

Greek salad which was far from what was described to me and again not very good at all.

George salmon
Best thing was the sliced salmon with crepes and creme fraiche on the side.

After leaving we strolled over to Notre Dame just to take in the beauty of the building.

Next stop was Palais Royal where some of the stores we wanted to go are in that area.  This particular part of town is going under massive construction.  The park in the middle is always beautiful.  We walked back to Colette to pick up a few t-shirts and home for a rest before dinner. 


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  1. Peggy Dold

    Thank you for this.  We love summer in Paris and won’t be there this year.  This is the next best thing!

  2. Innocenti Paola

    That’ s why we all need Erika’ s bag http://www.emalleny.com/home…………Met her, she is great and her product is simply perfect 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      I love that you met with her.

      1. Innocenti Paola

        There is no a similar product on the market and leatherware is very diccult to bring something so unique in.  Simply loved both her and the product!

        1. Gotham Gal