Lauren Remington Platt, Capturing Beauty at Vensette, Woman Entrepreneur

Images How often do you wish that there was a company that had trained make-up artists who knew how to get the job done in a professional and timely ( that would be the opportune word here ) manner come to your house or office before an event.  If there was a destination location that you could book a group of artists for a wedding, a bat/bar mitzvah, a special evening or even for the hell of it at a price instead of heading off to a Department store.  Lauren Remington Platt has created a booking service that has a menu of services from make-up to hair that have been already thought out and created to do the job in less than 90 minutes that is called Vensette that I for one think is brilliant.

Lauren grew up in NY and went to Columbia University where she made pocket money as a professional runway model.  Freelancing as a model during college was the perfect way to get to Europe and travel.   Senior year, she had a series of interviews with investment banks.  She always wanted to be in the finance world.  Lauren ended up working in private wealth.  She liked the structure.  The internship lasted for about six months before she headed off to Paris for a year even though she had only one class left to take until graduation. 

When Lauren returned, she went to work for a hedge fund focused on the global water industry.  It was not a fun time to be in the hedge fund business so applying to graduate school seemed to be the logical next step. 

Instead Lauren found herself interviewing make-up artists and figuring out how to help them make a living through one entity, Vensette.  She started to grow Vensette out of her living room.  She puts the make-up artists through a three day vigorous program to insure that anyone who represents Vensette is excellent.  She streamlined the concept through this program and a website.  Before Lauren knew it, she was an entrepreneur with a growing company.

There are a variety of ways for Lauren to expand from city to city to web presence to launching special products to doing weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, photo shoots, etc.  I am really excited about this business.  Lauren has figured out the void in the market and she is filling it.  That is what makes a smart entrepreneur.  Just an added bonus, she's tall, smart and beautiful.



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  1. charlessmith

    Great example of a trend I’ve been seeing more of- using the Internet to scale “smaller” businesses in a way that helps everyone involved. ¬†Love the idea. ¬†

    1. Gotham Gal

      exactly. i saw the same thing with personal shoppers. makes completelysense.