Logo I was asked to participate in the campaign that is putting on right now.  Trying to get as many women bloggers to write about their mission as a group of people are in Africa right now creating awareness on many of the issues is involved with. 

Women seem to be the leaders in different communities where change takes place.  In Africa, it is the women that are the driving force behind the economy as they are focused on making a better life for their children.'s mission is to fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases in Africa.  They work with government leaders to support cost-effective solutions to makes those changes in Africa.

I applaud all the people who are trying to make Africa a better place.  From an investor perspective, I hear about a variety of investments that are now taking place in Africa that are socially driven.  Socially driven because although the companies might be manufacturing suits or making cotton they are hiring many women who for the first time will have the opportunity to make money and put food on the table. A win win for everyone.  As more organizations like create awareness in Africa, the more opportunities for creating economies take place.

If Africa was a place where the best and brightest people wanted to stay in their homeland instead of leaving to find jobs somewhere else because they felt safe and empowered by their community as well as had opportunities for personal growth then the world would be a better place.  I am a big believer that many businesses in local communities make for better global economies.  We need that in Africa. 

Go to and see what they are doing, what they really need is your voice in supporting their role in persuading governments to support effective policies in Africa.



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  1. Emily

    Joanne, I loved reading your post and your timing is so perfect!!! Just today our itinerary included visits with entrepreneurial women whose work and stories were incredibly exciting. Thank you SO MUCH for being a ONEMom Partner!!!!!!