Sales job anyone?

Images-1 I am a big fan of finding women who might be in the midst of raising their children and wants to return to the fold, perhaps only a few hours a day.  A killer sales person who wants to make some money on the side?  I did it and it was so great for my sanity, my identity and the ability to pivot back into the working world later.  Here is your opportunity…

Rapidly-growing NYC-based specialty food company with huge upside potential is seeking SALES PERSON with dynamic energy and good organizational skills to join our team.   Sales person can work from home making sales calls, with possibility of additional work making store visits and presentations in the tri-state area.    Some schedule flexibility but weekday mornings are a must.   This is a commission-based position and a great opportunity for the right kind of motivated person.    Please send resumes to [email protected].


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  1. deirdre

    Right on.  Love it.  Great for stay-at-home mom or dad– flexibility is so key.  Thanks for posting. 

    1. Gotham Gal

      hope people spread the word. we would love someone fantastic…one or twopeople!

  2. Mark Gavagan

    I have a similar opportunity with lots of financial upside. It would be a great fit for anyone with contacts in either (1) marketing for a large insurance or investment company, or (2) HR benefits/ employee communications for organizations with lots of valued employees.Use your relationships – even one medium-sized deal is welcome and lucrative for the salesperson.The only requirement is absolute integrity. Contact me via the site if you’re interested: