Less than 24 hours in the city

I drove back to the city this week and returned to the beach in less than 24 hours.  Emily had her wisdom teeth out and after she was done we came back out to the beach for a little rest and relaxation. 

Always looking for an adventure we decided that we should stop by the new DeKalb market in Brooklyn on the way back.  The BQE was backed up probably due to an accident so we took the back roads from Queens into Brooklyn.  It took us forever.  At the one point that we should have bailed we just felt we had to complete the mission. 

Four hours in the car later we finally got to DeKalb.  The streets were steaming but at least we could sit down and eat at the many cafes available.  Whoops…they didn't send out the memo that they gave leases to a variety of cafes to create an amazing community of eateries and artisan stores but didn't require that they are open seven days a week.  Huh?  Although the marketplace is open between 8am – 10pm daily it is up to the vendor to decide when they feel like opening.  So how exactly does that make a consistent impact in the neighborhood?  Got me.  Great idea, poor execution.

We got there and literally 90% of the food vendors except for Robicelli's cupcakes.  All different flavors with a very heavy creamy frosting.  Not exactly lunch food.

Iris cafe
Quickly we regrouped and drove into Brooklyn Heights to Iris Cafe.  So cute and chill. 

Iris sandwich
Em and Josh had sandwiches.  Love how they serve them just on a piece of brown paper.

Iris salad
I had the turkey curry salad with greens and toasted cranberry bread on the side.  Amazing. 

Then we drove back to the city.  Hours since we left the beach and we were all worked up again.  LOL.  Each of us went our separate ways to do our own thing.  A nice short jaunt is all I needed at the begining of August. 

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  1. Guest

    I just had the turkey sandwich w/ ramp mayonnaise from Iris Cafe two days ago that was also really good.  Iris Cafe is a gem in our neighborhood.  So cute!  I will have to try the turkey curry salad next time. 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      truly delicious. a gem.