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I had the pleasure of speaking with the two women behind Matchbook Magazine this week.  I really love what they have created.  Two young women who met in college and lives have continued to intersect decided that they could create something together and so they did. 

What I like about this is that as more people, like Jane and Katie, start companies online that are essentially competing with huge companies like Conde Nast we will see a shift in market share.  The weight of the large companies and their inability to shift into the online world isn't creating new and fresh products but the same old shit online and frankly it just isn't as interesting. 

Personally I'd rather get a magazine every month delivered to my iPad instead of being delivered to my mailbox.  The experience is different but I am ok with that.  Also, as the magazines pile up in a corner and eventually make their way to the trash can to be recycle bin I wonder if that really is the way to go.  In an online experience If I see something I like and I can just click through and have it delivered to my door in the next couple of days.  I can also come back to the magazine months from now or years from now. 

Certainly the revenue model is not that different than the analog versions of magazines when it comes to advertising.  There is also a component of the click through purchase that a magazine can take a piece of that.  It is one of those things that can get fuzzy in regards to church and state because you don't want the articles to be only about products that they can get a piece of the pie of but I am hoping that every ecommerce site will be happy to give any lead gen something in the future.  After all, if the technology is there then it is pretty damn easy. That alone creates different economies.

Matchbook Mag is only two girls, Jane and Katie, who spend endless hours putting this together as well as creating new content. There are some glitches but I am confident that overtime they will fix that.  I am actually looking forward to seeing their business plan. 

Click on the archives and go through the magazines.  Works on any computer.  Thoughts?


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  1. Erin Newkirk

    I adore Matchbook. And Katie and Jane are lovely. Of all the online lifestyle publications, Matchbook is the one I continue to go back to every month because they have a strong, interesting voice {Matchbook Girl} + a tasteful eye. Agree that the click-through option is wonderful in a pub filled with eye candy, but also have found what old school shopping magazines like Lucky have done with QR codes to be compelling. Another application that has caught my interest recently in a BIG way is Pinterest. Definitely a social approach to sharing lifestyle content, but I always find something aspirational to love. How cool would it be for there to be a Pinterest/Matchbook mash-up?!

    1. Gotham Gal

      The perfect mashup. I agree Matchbook has a great sense of style

  2. aimeebidlack

    I would consider myself afashion/lifestyle/pop culture magazine junkie. While I love indulging in amagazine, I often put the mag down and can’t help but feel like my brain ismelting out of my nostrils. Sure, this isn’t always the case. Take Vogue forexample – definitely catered towards a more intellectual audience. But while Iwill always love my monthly Vogue for many obvious reasons, I can’t help butfeel like I’ll never be the society woman that the editors are addressing. Matchbook is the perfectremedy – it’s geared towards a smart and whimsical girl who appreciates theperfectly curated content. It’s more concrete than the thousands of blogsfloating around, but it’s also directed to a tech savvy girl who can’t livewithout her social media (which, speaking of social media, the girls have donea fantastic job on platforms like Instagram and Twitter). As anearly-twenty-something in the early stages of figuring out what it’s like to bea fashionable career girl in San Francisco, I can’t help but feel like Matchbook iscatered towards all my interests.Bravo Katie and Jane, I’man avid reader and continue to recommend Matchbook to all my

    1. Gotham Gal

      great to hear from a fan. i agree, they have done a fantastic job.

  3. Cookiemoo

    While Matchbook is the best I’ve read online, I still prefer the look and feel of paper.

    1. Gotham Gal

      understood. i’m sit on both sides of the fence

  4. Innocenti Paola

    what I find dusturbing of both online/offline magazine when it gets to fashion is how they can use 14 years old models.I even wonder how it can be legal…..I can hardly watch those immages even of no doubt photography beauty…Is there anyone in this industry who have the courage to show real women???over 25, with wrinkle, some overwight, real even if beautifull.I am sure who would dear would have great success, since all this fake beauty at the end has become disturbing

  5. LisyannH

    I have been receiving Matchbook Magazine for a few months now!  This is the first online magazine I have subscribed too, but I love the look of it and the fact I can click an item and go right to the website.  I haven’t purchased anything yet though.  But I like the layout and what these girls are doing!  Bravo!!

    1. Gotham Gal

      would you like it if you could literally click on an item and buy it?