Patti Smith, Just Kids

Patti_smith-mapplethorpe I have never been a huge Patti Smith fan when it comes to her music.  Many people told me what a great book it was and when Emily gave it the nod I picked it up. 

Just Kids is an incredible book.  It isn't just the story of Patti and her journey to be an artist, it is a heartfelt love story between her and Robert Mapplethorp who she literally grabbed on the street one night asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend to get out of a date (actually a ticket for a meal) that went awry.  Mapplethorp and Smith became inseparable friends and lovers.  Nurturing each other in their desire to live as artists and their story is one that Patti had to tell. 

Patti is a proflic artist from books to drawing to writing music and poetry.  She comes across as a truly humble woman and my guess is she is.  Funny enough, years ago I spoke to Patti on the phone.  Her kid, Jesse, went to Little Red and I called her as we were making a major shift on how the school went about raising the money for their annual fund.  She couldn't have been nicer and more honest about her love for the school and her real ability to give something to the fund. 

Definitely a book worth reading.

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  1. daryn

    I’m a big fan of memoirs and biographies – actually started reading this the other day after seeing it on your books of the moment list!

    1. Gotham Gal

      let me know what you think.

  2. Barbara Pantuso

    I didn’t think I was a huge fan of her music either until I saw her live recently. I saw her at St. Marks at the 40th (yes, 40th!) anniversary of when she debuted at the St Mark’s Poetry Project. Now I am a fan. I’m a fan of her music, her poetry, her Just Kids book, but mostly of just her. That woman has soul, gumption and guts!

    1. Gotham Gal

      she certainly does have soul, guts and gumption.

  3. Yana Gaponenko

    Incredible story of incredible Patti

  4. Yana Gaponenko

    Incredible lifestory of incredible Patti

  5. David, Auckland

    I loved her music but this is amongst the worst books ever written.

  6. Lizzy

    I absolutely love her book, can’t put it down! Saw her live for the first time…at 65 she beats out most stupid young bands these days, *wow* Patti, you rock!

  7. Christina Cacioppo

    just read this – two years later! – after finding it on oyster. (i’d vaguely been meaning to read it but never bought a copy.) i remembered your having written a post on the book, so i stopped by for a re-read.and yes! incredible book and so much more humble than it could’ve been written. what a story.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Amazing woman