Susie’s Supper Club Cookbook

The supper club
Susie Cover is the woman behind Susie's Supper Club, a prepared food delivery service in NYC.  The business has taken a variety of turns (as most do) and you can now buy some of those delicious products in the freezer section of a handful of Whole Foods. 

I met Susie because she happens to be married to Rick Field of Ricks Picks.  Yes, they eat very well in Banana muffins for susies that family.  I love Susie's cooking because she cooks exactly like how I like to eat and cook myself.  SImple preparation with the right fresh ingredients make the best meals. No fuss. 

This cookbook is a really about kid-friendly meals but totally works for the whole family.  The cookbook is beautifully done.  Sits perfectly between Donna Hay and Barefoot Contessa, two of my other faves who make delicious simple food.  Emily made the muffins above and they might have been one of the best banana muffins I have ever had.  Moist, simple and just delicious.

The book, The Supper Club,  comes in paperback so you can really use it in the kitchen.  Order it.  Its a winner.