a very mellow day

Last night we took about 15 of Jessica's friends and bunk mates out for dinner.  It was really fun to meet everyone.  A real international crew. Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Boston, Texas, California, South Africa, and more.  Hearing about their explorations in South Africa and also where they came from to get here was great.  No doubt an incredible experience for all of them.  

Craft marketplace
The following day Jessica had to write a paper and she wasn't feeling too good either so we took it easy.  At one point I took a short stroll outside to the craft market which is pure shlock.  We took advantage of the spa later in the afternoon and that was the day in a nutshell.  Kind of nice to just relax.

Before dinner Jessica had to turn in her paper.  You have to turn in your paper by a certain time through email and also drop off a printed copy of the paper on campus.  A bit archaic but that is the system. The campus looks over Cape Town.  Another beautiful view.

I particularly love these steps going all the way up to the main building at UCT.  

This is an just a walkway where a bunch of buildings are.  Jessica takes classes in these buildings and also takes classes in a totally different area of town where the art school is.  

For dinner we went to Beluga.  Beluga is located in an area that we had eaten in last time I was here in 2004.  At that point it was the beginnings of old warehouses being taken over and now it is really built up. The restaurant reminds me of the type of places that were big in NYC during the mid-80's.  Large restaurants with a great vibe and vast menu.  Makes everyone happy and you really can't go wrong.  

Jess had the mussels.  The seafood and fish here is so good.  I have never seen mussels that size before.  They were done with a light curry sauce.

I had thinly sliced raw calamari piled up high with an Asian chili sauce around the edge of the plate.  The greens were pieces of basil and mint.  NIce.

The sushi here is really good, so fresh.  Jessica had a mixture.

I went for the lamb ribs.  We had lamb ribs this summer at South Edison in Montauk and they were so good. These were probably roasted about 12 hours and then they take them off the bone for you so you don't get your fingers sticky.  They are finished off with an Asian bbq paste with large potato fries on the side and crunchy onion rings. I am making sure to find a butcher to get lamb ribs for me when I get back to NYC.  

Went back to the hotel and crashed.  

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  1. Rohan

    sushi looks great

  2. Debbie

    I like reading about your adventures in various vacinities/countries.  I like your take on food and the NYC dining scene.  Unfortunately, I feel so disconnected from you being as I’m from a small town in Texas and you are from NYC.  See, even the caps outrank me (and I’m from TX, so that’s a big deal!).  I will continue reading your food blogs but I don’t know for how much longer.  I admire you so.

  3. ellen

    certainly the oysters and mussels in SA look better than Legal Seafood.My one guilty pleasure-fried oysters and french fries.