Birthday breakfast and a short hop through San Francisco

Bday morning
The morning of my bday I woke up to a surprise breakfast.  I couldn't believe we were going to eat more food.  I particularly loved the crossword placemats.  I am a fanatic crossword person.  Must do the NYTimes every day or the day is just not complete. 

Fred and I drove into SF for the day to have lunch and just tool around.  There were a few places that I have been wanting to check out since I read about them two years ago so that is what we did.  First stop was Bi-Rite.  A grocery store that features local and organic foods including the best selection of artisan food products around the country. 

The cheese selection is over the top.  There are people at different counters happy to give you advice too.  Bi-Rite is coming out with a book 10/18 that I already pre-ordered. 

Delfina pizza
We walked around the corner and had lunch at Delfina Pizzeria.  There is a small coffeeshop in the neighborhood that Fred has frequented so between Fred and Foursquare we were set.  Cute open restaurant with huge pizza ovens. 

Tricolor saald
We started with a tricolore salad.  Three type of greens with sliced cheese (grano padano) over the top and a lemon vinaigrette.  Really nice.  I loved the presentation.

We also had some figs with pecorino cheese. 

Splitting a pizza with proscuitto, artichokes and two kinds of cheese.  Nice. Perfect crust.

Humphrey slocombe
After lunch we drove over to Humphry Slocombe.  An ice cream store that makes some really interesting ice creams.  We tasted many of them.  I have to say the breakfast cereal which was corn flakes and bourbon was pretty damn good and then again so was the salted licorice.  The flavors are just so intense and with the cold ice cream as the base for those flavors is incredibly creative. 

That was all we needed to do.  Stopped by one gallery which is not worth mentioning and back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner.

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  1. Rohan

    Now a marathon to burn off all the birthday week calories 😉 🙂 

  2. Angela Moulton

    WOW!  What a fun and delicious-looking trip.