Four days in the Napa area

For our birthdays we decided to take a trip to the Napa valley area for a few days with some friends and family.  The first question was how many wines do you believe we will consume over the course of the weekend.  My guess is more than we think.  This is the view from the place we are staying at.

This is the first bottle we hit up. 

Someone brought these wonderful cookies from the teacake bake shop. 

Fred and me
Here is a picture of me and Fred ready to roll.  Great shirts, right?

I made sure we had a bus everynight to take us back and forth from the restaurants.  No reason to drink and drive.  The first night we ate at Ad Hoc.  I love Ad Hoc.  The idea that everybody is having the same meal that night is so cool.  Very communal and conversational.  We began ths meal with a bruchsetta.  Grilled bread doused with olive oil, sliced tomatoes, roasted cauliflowers, anchovies, fennel and arugula.  Wow.  The combination of all these fresh flavors were pretty outstanding.

For the main course we had a deconstructed paella.  I call it deconstructed because each part of the dish is made separately and then pulled together in the end.  You can taste the individual flavors. Chicken thighs and breasts, mussels, shrimp and rice. My brother has made this before from the Ad Hoc cookbook.  A cookbook definitely worth buying.

Some wine.

Some beer.

The cheese was amazing.  Marcona almonds, greens and sliced cheese.  Can't remember what cheese it was but I just loved it.

Peanut butter
Dessert was a chocolate bar with crunchy peanut butter inside.  Beyond decadent.

Got a little ice cream with a candle.  I believe it was a banana rum flavor but honestly I can't recall even eating that… hence the bus. 


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  1. awaldstein

    Yum….Love Napa. My old stomping grounds.And finally a pic of a bottle of wine!Happy Bday to the both of you.

  2. ellen

    omg.  food looks fabulous and so fresh.

  3. daryn

    You know that bottle of beer is made in Brooklyn, right? :)Hope you had a great time – I love Napa, spent my 25th and 30th birthdays there.

  4. artyowza

    stellar shirts!  how fun!  happy birthday!

  5. LGBlueSky

    You should keep all of your itineraries and self-publish them with hotels, restaurants, food, shopping, etc.  I would buy a copy !  Enjoy.  

    1. Gotham Gal

      my brother/sister and sister-in-law made me a gothamgal cookbook for my bday. more coming on that!

      1. LGBlueSky

        Can’t wait to see that, as I am sure all of your readers would too!

  6. CCjudy

    If you come into SF we could meet for a coffee at a cafe J

    1. Gotham Gal

      next time. i came in for less than 12 hours.

  7. raycote

    Napa Trip Posts – Wow !What a great set of photos, I feel like I was there.And now you have made me so hungry for something delicious, I need to collect up my wife and head out to a good restaurant.You have just stimulated the restaurant business all the way up here in Vancouver Canada!

    1. Gotham Gal


  8. Ishwari Singh

    Happy birthday. We just moved to Palo alto from nyc and will take some tips from your blog next time we visit Napa. BTW, just made one pot chicken and my kids loved it.

    1. Gotham Gal

      love the chicken in the pot! big move. hope you are settling in.

  9. Bobo_gin

    I love how you talk about food…it reminds me of my upbringing in Louisiana.   My family always calls and shares pics of their yummy food.  If you haven’t already you must make a road trip through Louisiana and sample some of the wonderful food especially south Louisiana…if your luck you could go to a cochon de lait.  Also go visit Creole Country Sausage Company in person.512 David St.New Orleans, LA 70119(504) 488-1263 

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love that area. My sister went to Tulane and my dad lived in slidell (sp?) For awhile