La Columbe, Cape Town

La Columbe is located at the Constantia Uitsig wine estate that also houses a small boutique hotel, spa, private cricket area and three world re-known restaurants, La Columbe being one of them.  Once again the service was spectacular and the wait staff talked about the food with such passion it was just a pleasure to hear them describe each dish.  This board is from the menu the night we went and we let our waiter describe everything in detail.  

The first thing out was 3 snacks from the chef.  Roasted beet root on a flaky bread, an intensely rich langoustine soup that had a serious kick with tiny pieces of shrimp in it and a small piece of duck pate. The soup was outstanding and probably just the right amount. I love how they served it in a hard egg shell.

We took it easy tonight as in we didn't go for the six course tasting menu.  Jessica started with the Alaskan King Crab.  The best description of the taste was it tasted like a gazpacho with no soup.  Clean fresh vegetables with a nice bite and chunks of crab.  Each dish definitely had a party feel to it as there was so much happening.  

I had the tartare.  Raw salmon over a chopped tuna tartare.  Thin slices of radish, a dollop of a white fish salad and shredded daikon.  3 portions on the plate.  Fresh and light.

For the main course Jessica had the line fish of the day.  Roasted over an avocado sauce.  Simple and flavorful.

I opted for the suckling pig.  What a party on this plate.  Every piece of the pork down to the crispy rind. The small white dollops are a smoky mashed potato.  Each piece was really good from the loin to the confit leg.

I had the cheese plate for dessert.  A nice flight of cheese mostly creamy and not too intense.

Jessica went for the peanut butter chocolate combo made like a napoleon with poached dried cranberries and apricots on top.  

We so had enough that they gave us a bag of little desserts for our drive home.  They are still sitting in our room unopened.

A beautiful spot that takes their mission of food,wine and pleasure very seriously.