Last day in Napa

Wines at 750
Monica Stevens is the owner of 750 Wines.  She helped me get the nightly transportation and one dinner reservation.  In exchange, we were to do a wine tasting at her retail store where she only takes reservations.  Seemed like a fair deal.  That is an understatement.  750 Wines not only knows the majority of wine makers that they carry what they carry are mostly from small boutique vineyards.   I bought four cases!

The space is fantastic and their knowledge ( her and her husband David ) is vast.  Absolutely worth making an appointment if you are going to be in Napa.  750 Wines has thankfully reeled me in as a long time customer. 

We had lunch in the light rain at Gotts (formerly Taylors).  A local fast food roadside stand where you would think that only a few things taste good but that is far from the case.  Their tag line is tray gourmet.  You can order a delicious salad as easily as you can order a juicy burger. 

Mexican soup.


Onion rings
Killer onion rings

Sweet potato fries

Chinese chicken salad
Chinese Chicken Salad.  One of those salads that they just don't make anywhere better than in California.

Tacos.  Everything was good.  We all went home for a little rest and relaxation before our last dinner.