Last dinner in Napa

Mike Emanuel came to the house to cook us our last meal.  He brought wines from Steve Matthiassson.  What is nice is that the last day was kind of rainy and we were able to just come home after lunch, do a round of massages and have a mellow dinner…and of course a killer came of pool afterward. 

Lettuce cups
We began with a round of snacks.  Lettuce cups filled with carrots, beets and blossoms.  A nice palate cleanser to begin.

Salted cod fritteres with tomato conserva and blistered Padron peppers

Wood oven baked flatbrread with spiced farmer's cheese and panache fig anchoiade

Fatted Calf salumi.  This was all served with a 2009 Chardonnay

For dinner we began with a Santa Barbara spot prawns ( these were just incredible ) and squid salad with late tomatoes, Ribolla Gialla gelee and anise hyssop.  Basically a delicious seafood salad served with a 2010 Napa White Blend

Next was the pasta course.  Borrage ravioli with Sicilian pesto served with a 2008 Ribolla Gialla

The main course was duck.  I love duck.  This was incredible.  So incredible that we polished off the rest the next morning after breakfast.  Grilled black pepper breast and a red wine braised leg with wooden oven roasted wine grapes.  The grapes were roasted in the wood oven with a little salt and olive oil.  Wow.  Served alongside was a vegetable tian and duck fat potatoes.  Served with a 2009 Refosco.

Dessert was an apple clafoutis with wild fennel blossom and an elderberry sauce.  Served with a 2010 Flora.

As much as I thought it would have been fun to get into the kitchen and cook myself I opted against it.  It was a serious treat having someone come and cook for us especially someone like Mike.



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  1. CCjudy

    Wow is my only comment…

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Tracey Jackson

    I don’t know how you did it. I gained five pounds just by reading about your trip. Sounds great! A wonderful decade awaits…..

    1. Gotham Gal

      i gained 5 lbs. no worries.

      1. Tracey Jackson

        I will take you out for a salad to celebrate.