Sunday in Cape Town

Kauk bay
Jessica and I got up and hit the gym before hitting the streets.  We first stopped by the place she has been living in since July.  She has been attending Cape Town University for the semester.  She is staying in a house with 17 other flat mates.  For a college house it is not bad.  She gets her own room and bathroom, they share a nice sized kitchen and living room that even has a pool table.  In the back of the house there is a nice garden to bbq and hang out.  

We drove down to Kalk Bay to have brunch at the Harbour House.  The restaurant sits right over the water. It was a really windy day and the surf was smashing up against the windows while people ate.  Best part was about half way through our brunch a whale was out in the horizon.  People were loving it and so were we.  

We had a light lunch.  I had oysters which I am loving down here.  The oysters are so briny.  

Jessica had the shrimp tian.  A few fried shrimp sitting on top a tian of avocado and beets.  

Salad butternut, beet, rocket
We both had the salad of butternut squash, feta cheese, beets and rocket ( arugula ).  Simple and light. 

The restaurant sits on a fishing pier.  These seals were hamming it up for the audience.

People sell their wares of dried fish on the dock.

Walking over to the town which is quaint and vintage.  See the cooking supply store.  Old school.

A womens clothing shop.

A bead shop.  Lots of bead shops around Cape Town.

Had to go in here to take a picture of their walls, Tribeca Bakery.

This place is called The Bakery.  Amazing breads and pastries.  Totally old school.

On the other side of Kalk Bay is Muizenberg.  The views are so beautiful we just pulled over.

Up where we were is a shark outpost.  This woman is literally looking for sharks to inform the people in the water below.

These small colorful homes are on the Muizenberg beach.  There is a train stop there too which definitely is something out of the 50's.  I am not sure what they use these homes for maybe cabanas.

Lots of surfing on this beach but today is really windy and crazy.  

Back to the hotel for a little rest before our next outing.  Such a nice day.  


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  1. Sunchowder

    Love the photo of the kitchen store!!!  It seems that you are having a wonderful time..thanks again for taking me to Capetown with you!

    1. Gotham Gal

      that kitchen store was like something out of a grandma’s kitchen cabinet!

  2. Debbie

    Love the pic of the waves on the water. 

    1. Gotham Gal

      serious wind