The Roundhouse Restaurant, Capetown

View outside
Jessica is taking us to the top restaurants in Capetown.  What is amazing is the cost is honestly the same as a place for dinner at places like Joseph Leonard or Frankies 570 in NYC.  Last night we went to The Roundhouse.  The Roundhouse Restaurant is over looking Camps Bay way up in the trees.  The views are jaw dropping.  This is from outside.

This is from our table.  We opted to do a wine pairing with each course.  All South African wines and one was better than the next.  My last experience in South Africa was the wines were just ok.  This time around is a completely different experience.  I'm looking forward to going up to the wine country for the day and hopefully finding some small good vineyards.  

The first thing out was a "snack" from the chef.  They called it cauliflower cheese.  Tasted like the cheese sticks I make at home.  Delicious.

We had one more snack.  This is a lightly fried potato chip with fish and an aioli.  They called it fish and chips.

Even the bread plate was simple and elegant.  

We both ordered different things so lots of tastes.  Jessica had the organic vegetable patch.  Raw and pickled vegetables with mushroom soil and herb emulsion.  The plate looks like a party of vegetable tastes. The attention to detail was quite spectacular.  On this plate was a lone cherry tomato that had been quickly put in hot water to allow them to peel back the skin so that the skin then resembled a flower top. Beautifully done.  

I had the white bean veloute.  A rich creamy white bean soup paired with a long piece of thinly sliced sour dough that had been toasted with free range chicken and carmelized pear sitting on the top.  I just mixed everything together.  It was fantastic.

Our second course was fish.  Jessica has the Cob, a local farmed fish in the area.  Two pieces, poached in butter with a crispy skin topped with the largest pickled mussels we have ever seen and a sea lettuce foam over the top sitting in a beurre emulsion.  Buttery beyond and just so good.  

I had the salmon trout that was also poached with a crispy skin served with smoked bay oysters and dried crispy leeks and cucumbers.  Quite good.  I really love salmon trout. 

For the main course, Jessica had the venison loin.  This was served medium rare with baked beets, pickled mulberries and chickweed.  Like a rich beef dish with brown sauce.  Yum.

I had the pork.  Two slices of pork loin served with smoked apple, pickled onions and spring onion flowers. Perfectly cooked and paired with a cider.  Cider is big down here.  It really worked.

Jessica went with the passion fruit souffle which was beautiful.  I am not a huge fan of passion fruit.  They came over and x'd out the middle and then took a scoop of yogurt sorbet and gently placed it inside.  Pretty awesome.

I went with six textures of chocolate with banana, walnuts and chocolate sauce.  Need I say more?

Nougat, truffle, caramel lemon cake
Of course just one more plate of treats to end the meal.  Nougat with pistachios, caramels, chocolate truffles and a lemon cake.  

We had took a car there and back which made for a much more relaxed evening.  Driving around these windy roads at night is not easy.  The Roundhouse was amazing.  The atmosphere, the food, the service, the views and of course the company.  The person who described our meal before we ordered spoke about each dish in this romantic way and his love of the food was evident.  We were both blown away.  A wonderful evening.  


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  1. TanyaMonteiro

    my insides are churning as I read your comments. something so special about CT. if you have time I recommend La Petiteferme in Franschoek,

    1. Gotham Gal

      we went there years ago and i still remember how absolutely gorgeous it was there.

  2. James

    I didn’t quite understand the Joseph Leonard/Frankies 570 reference – are those cheaper eateries in NYC?And, for what it’s worth, the wines, views and restaurant at Jordan (just outside Stellenbosch) are some of my favourites in South Africa 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      The cost for two to have a meal at Frankies or Joseph Leonard is what it is costing us to have dinner in some of the finest restaurants in Cape Town. The two restaurants in NYC are wonderful happening restaurants but they are not the top in the city like places such at 11 Madison. I am just taken back by how inexpensive the best dining here is.Jordan is beautiful. Was up there yesterday.

      1. James

        I don’t have any experience with NYC, but certainly compared to Europe we’re very spoiled in terms of price here in Cape Town.  Sounds like you’re having a good stay!

        1. Gotham Gal

          an amazing stay. thanks.

  3. Ryan Drew

    While The Roundhouse is priced comparably to Joseph Leonard or Frankies 570, what restaurant does it compare to in terms of taste/style?