I have followed Jody Williams from restaurant to restaurant.  She is a really good chef.  Many people have asked me if I had been to Buvette yet and I finally got there last week.  What a gem.  Jody happened to be there the night we were there and I went up to congratulate her on the success of the place.  Buvette with Jody at the helm will be around for a long time as she actually is the owner of Buvette and my guess for her that changes the game.

Keep in mind there are no reservation so get there early or come with a small party.  It was only Fred and me so it we snuck right in.  We shared everything.  There is something super cute about the place.  Parisian in feel with small intimate tables, a chalk board with the specials of the week and small water glasses.  Just liked the place the minute we walked in.

We began with a delicious cauliflower gratin.  Big pieces of cauiflower oozing with yummy cheese.  Perfect for the crispy evening. 

Classic leeks that had been braised and then doused with a rich mustard vinaigrette.

I am just a huge fan of octopus.  Slices of octopus tossed with pieces of celery and pitted olives.  A nice simple salad.

Grilled sardines on top of roasted potatoes and delicious olives.  Perfect.

We mixed it up for dessert.  The cheese plate.  Each cheese came with a chutney or side to give it a kick.  Also had the chocolate mousse special of the evening.  Wow. 

Love Buvette.  Can hardly wait to go back. 

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  1. kirklove

    Whoa! This place looks right up my alley. Thanks much fore the recap and putting it on my radar. Need to get there pronto.

    1. Gotham Gal

      You would love it

  2. ellen

    I can’t take it any longer.  Between your blog and Top Chefs I desire to hire an at home chef.  I am still thinking about the seafood from South Africa.  I try to cook but I will never be good.  I would rather create jewelry than food but my stomach cannot take the beautiful photographs of your meals.  They look soooo yummy.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha ha! Hire someone.