Golden Flushing Mall, Queens

I took a trip this past week to the Golden Flushing Mall.  Bottom line, it was amazing.  I am definitely doing another trip out there and taking the kids with me.  One of the many things about NYC which is so amazing is that there are so many people living here from different cultures that create pockets around the boroughs where each separately congregate in a community that is similar to the one they came from.  Going to the Golden Flushing Mall it a lot easier than getting on a plane and going to Asia.  English is certainly not the first language here. 

We began in the basement where the food court is.  After taking one lap around the place we were blown away.  Didn't know exactly where to start.  Serious Foods actually has a wonderful map of the place that I am going to bring along next time.  This is one of the cases from Spicy Wok where I went back to get something to eat.

This is a sign at one of the places we got some food too. 

My spicy woke
I had this bowl of stir fry.  Rice on the side.  It is great how they serve it in these big silver bowls that you just return when you are through.  The vegetables, some of which I didn't recognize, were $4.99 a pound.  The fish was $6.99 a pound.  Then they mix it together in a wok.  She said to me after I chose everything…not too spicy?  Yes, not too spicy. 

My friend got a shrimp noodle soup that was also served in a nice bowl to return to the place.  Really good, simple and you can tell that they just made it. 

After lunch we walked up to the grocery store.  This was the best time.  We entered the grocery store and first made our way down the dumpling aisle.  Freezers filled with every dumpling you can imagine.  I started picking up a few bags.  Before I knew it I needed a cart.  My friend said we could share a cart.  Are you kidding?  I want my own cart to fill up!  LOL.  Next was the pickle aisle  which had everything pickled from chili peppers to sauerkraut to radishes.  It was hard to hold myself back.

Dried anchovies and octopus.

Also took a stroll through the vinegar aisle where there are thousands and thousands of bottles.  We wandered over to the seafood area where there were live eels.

Soft and hard shell turtles.

Live prawns.  I wonder where they were sourced.  You never see live prawns. 

Then found ourself down the dried aisle finding loads of dried mushrooms.  I also went a little crazy on the noodle aisle too. 

Check out the dumpling wrappers.  Got one of each. 

Bottom line I filled enough in my cart to get four bags of groceries.  Total cost $54.  We had such a great time.  Next time we are going to check out another community in the local neighborhoods of NYC. 




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  1. Rohan

    * thumbs up *

  2. marketpublique

    This place looks amazing! Im going to have to check it out. Live prawns + loada of noodles sound good to me!

  3. Deirdre

    LOVE this!  Definitely will go.  While it is a much different experience in many respects it reminds me a bit of Spa Castle in Queens.  If you haven’t been, give it a try.  Great baths, whirlpools, a very different spa experience.  

    1. Gotham Gal

      haven’t been there but have heard so much about it. i want to go!

    2. pixiedust8

      I still have to go to Spa Castle, but my husband loves it.

  4. Pgcampi

    How do you get there? Is there public trans?

    1. Gotham Gal

      there are. i drove but there are buses and subways.

  5. elaineellis

    This is why I love the blog. From the best restaurants to food courts. You just love the food. Now when are you coming out to Boulder?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I do love the food! Never been to Boulder. Have to make it out there. Soon, soon…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. My favorite holiday.

  6. Joe DiStefano

     Hi Joanne,It’s always great to read a newcomer’s perspective on downtown Flushing’s Chinatown. Just wanted to point out that the mall you went to was New World Mall. Check out my coverage of it on my blog World’s Fare http://www.ediblecommunitie…. It really is a hotbed of regional Chinese cuisine. Also thought you and readers might be interested to know that I offer food tours of Downtown Flushing and other neighborhoods in Queens. Please see: http://worldsfarefoodtours…. formore info. Thanks and have a delicious Thanksgiving!All good things,Joe DiStefano

  7. Sally Zou

    Hi Joanne,So great you enjoyed your trip to flushing! Love your blog and your open-mindedness. Have a great thanksgiving~Sally

  8. Tracey Jackson

    Hey GG next time Four Square me I will meet you there. Love those places. Happy Thamksgiving to you and the family!

    1. Gotham Gal

      you are on!

  9. pixiedust8

    Yeah, Queens! You may also want to make a field trip to Jackson Heights, Queens, where I live. We have amazing ethnic food and great Indian grocery stores, although I will caution you that 74th Street with the Indian shops gets crazy on the weekends with all the people coming in from the suburbs.I’m a former Manhattanite who moved to JH, along with a lot of other young families who wanted affordable real estate. The neighborhood is extremely diverse, and the historical district has some great buildings.

  10. kristin

    Love this…and definitely need to check it out. Have you been to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. It’s an unbelievable Japanese supermarket.…

  11. kenberger

    So few visitors (and locals) ever see beyond manhattan to the outer boros– and the boros are far more the real world.Fred’s food trek post in ’05 was a key influencer in my coming to NY. If you’d like to resurrect the monthly boro treks, I volunteer to help coordinate them.…