Last day on Abbott Kinney


More new stores and places to eat on Abbott Kinney.  You really can't go wrong walking the long street.  We do it every time we come to Los Angeles and enjoy how much it has evolved into a really incredible spot.  We began breakfast at 3 Squares.  It was good not great. 


As we continued to walk down the street I might have stopped in the New Cafe for granola instead. 


Here is the granola.


Nothing opened until 11 so Josh and I just walked until we hit Gjelinas new take-out place next door to the restaurant.  Everything looked so good.  Natural sodas are big out there and Josh really got into the ginger ale.  I had a limeade which was seriously tart.


I hooked up with Emily and Jess before doing some damage once the stores opened.  Josh and Fred took off for another area to do damage in another part of town.  Last stop was Intelligentsia which is a sweet coffee shop. 


We drove back to Santa Monica stopping at Tender Greens to have lunch.  I wish there were more places like this in NYC.  All fresh ingredients.  You can order the salads they make or make one up on your own. 


I had the Santa Monica farmers market raw salad with steak on top and a balsamic vinegar on the side.  Really excellent.

Fred and I drove over to Brentwood to the Country Market hoping we would find stuff to pick up for dinner but it is just a grouping of cute stores and eateries.  We ended up going to Whole Foods and then back to the hotel for a drink to watch the sunset before heading over to my brothers for dinner.

Such a great couple of days in Los Angeles.  I really love it out there. 


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  1. Rohan

    Another appetizing post. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jesse Bouman

    Next time you’re in LA, try Lemonade on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Venice. It’s similar to Tender Greens, but they have really tasty (and interesting IMO) salad combinations. (ex. Asian pear, arugula, blue cheese,ย and sherry)

    1. Gotham Gal

      been there. i wish there was a lemonade in nyc!

      1. Jesse Bouman

        awesome! I’ll have to think of a more hidden local favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ย