Tasting Kitchen, Los Angeles

We had dinner at the Tasting Kitchen this past week in Los Angeles.  You could either do a 3 course or 5 course because we were over 10 people.  Figuring 3 was plenty as the week of Thanksgiving tends to be an overload of food. 


We sat upstairs in a loft area that overlooks to below.  Big glass window on to the street with a large table in the middle set up for wine and serving.  The wood, the modern vibe is very of the moment. 

Cookbooks at tastingkitchen

I particularly love that an entire wall is devoted to cookbooks. 


The bread comes out piping hot.  You can see the steam when they put the bread down.  So good.  Crispy crust and a soft airy middle with butter on the side.  What could be bad?


Oysters were just an added bonus to our meal.  We all love oysters and these were worth indulging in.


When the fries came out we all grabbed one.  Salty, crispy and piping hot. 


A broth of clams and chorizo.  Really tasty, spicy and the perfect spot to dip the bread and fries.


Simple layer of greens with a rich dill blue cheese dressing


Always a fan of the charcuterie plate.  Not sure where they sourced their meat but the prosciutto was off the charts.


Pasta is one of the special here.  This was a veal based sauce with chunks of meat.  A little garlicky for my taste but rich and tasty.

Super spicy seafood sauce that was cream based on linguine. I really liked this.  LIttle piece of seafood throughout.


Roasted whole fish.  Might have been some butter on this one.  The meat was perfectly cooked and full of flavor.  I like how they pulled the skin off and topped it with a melange of mushrooms. 


Rare pieces of steak coated with a balsamic glaze.  Nice.


This was a killer plate of sweets.  I am a sucker for bread pudding.  Maple glazed like a honey bun and then made into a bread pudding.  Woah.

Not exactly a light meal before Thanksgiving day but a little bite of everything did go a long way.  Oh, the red wine was a Sagratino de Montefalco.  One of my favorite red wines.  Will return to the Tasting Kitchen when I return to LA. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Rohan

    This has made me hungry. Time to get lunch.

  2. Ryan Drew

    What a comforting meal. It is a shame many restaurants treat bread as an afterthought. I’ll go out of my way for great bread, it should never be overlooked as an essential component of a good dinner.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Absolutely essential

  3. ellen

    there you go again with the oysters and clams. yum.After your post last week, we had lobster for Wed. nite dinner before the big turkey.There is nothing like good shellfish. Oysters are the only fish I will eat raw.Pictures were wonderful.

  4. Ghorwood

    I was here and at Rustic Canyon last week and while the food was good at both I much preferred Rustic Canyon because of the service. Our server at Tasting Kitchen sat down next to us (their gimic, clearly; but not something we found appealing) and had a very limited knowledge of the wine which would have been fine alas she professed herself and “expert.” 

    1. Gotham Gal

      Will check out Rustic Canyon when I am out there next. Server sitting down with you. Hmmm…not sure how i’d feel about that one. Probably not so great.