A few galleries in Chelsea

Jessica has been taking in art like an addict since she returned from South Africa.  I tagged along on one of her outings this week.  We walked through Chelsea in the pouring rain starting at Matthew Marks to see the Nan Goldin exhibit. 

The exhibit is a culmination of photos over her career combined with photos she took in the Louvre.  Pretty amazing that she was given special permission to photograph inside the Louvre during closed hours and given the freedom to roam.  I did not love this exhibit.  Most of the pieces were collage like of old photos mixed with photos taken in the Louvre.  My favorite piece of the entire exhibit is above.  Although I have seen this piece in person there is something really beautiful about the shot.

It really started to rain as we walked over to another street and happened to catch this statue in a gallery that was closed.  Many people are down at Art Basel this week.  Both Jessica and I got a huge howl at this statue.  Kind of interested in going back and seeing who the artist is and the cost.

We jumped into 303 Gallery to get dry and walked around the Eva Rothschild exhibit.  Interesting sculptures that look like open clouds made out of wax. 

Markdisuvero paula cooper
Strolled by Paula Cooper gallery and had to walk in.  This structure is just awesome.  A huge iron sculpture with a swing hanging off of it.  I'd love that in my front yard!  The artist is Mark Di Suvero.  There was also a painting that he had done.  Always amazes me when seriously talented people can work in so many mediums and do it so well.

Then we got to what we came for.  Andreas Gursky at Gagosian on 21st Street.  The photographs combined with painting are so incredible.  Large scale high definition photography that expose the oceans and edges of different continents.  He touched up these photos with paint.  They are just specular.  A must see.

Our last stop was the Jack Shanman Gallery to see the infrared photographs by Richard Mosse.  I honestly can not get these photographs out of my head. He took pictures of people in the Congo using infrared film that tells a story that looks so beautiful (the landscapes) yet haunting (the rebels).  Incredible work of art.

I hope to get back to Chelsea in the next few weeks to see the shows before they close.  Might have to return to Jack Shanman and pick up one of those photos for myself. 


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  1. Rohan

    ‎’The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.’ | Bertrand Russell–Happy Friday! 😀

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice quote

  2. pixiedust8

    I think it’s great you and your daughter are bonding over art. I took my 4-year-old to Dia and Storm King recently and she was SO excited. Like, SO excited. Some curmudgeon in Dia told her not to run (she wasn’t; she was kind of dancing in place as she looked at a painting because she loved it that much) and then she was crushed for like half an hour. I get that they get unruly kids who are probably a nightmare, but this really wasn’t a kid doing anything wrong. But anyway, it was really fun to see so much enthusiasm.

    1. Gotham Gal

      fast forward a few years and you will see your children embrace art as part of their lives. all of our kids go to museums, galleries, etc. and actually do it on their own. makes their mom (me) proud.