Highwest Distillery, Park City, Utah

Living in NYC you become incredibly spoiled when it comes to food.  There are few places in the world where you can pretty much be guaranteed a good meal at every turn and it doesn't take a lot of effort.  So when we find outselves in ski towns, we consistently find that the food is mediocre at best.  Even the finer restaurants are disappointing.  As Josh said, why don't you just cook at home every night where we know we will get a good meal. Good question but we are on vacation.

One day this week I spent the day with a few of us running errands and such.  We ventured into the Highwest Distillery for lunch as my niece was hankering for a french onion soup.  Did some quick research on my phone and the Highwest Distillery was the place to go. 

Loved how they put the place together.  Old and new.  This entire wall is devoted to Kerr bottles.  Underneath they have lit up the bottles filled with water for glow.

The beams of the ceiling has the warmth of the barn and the round ceiling lamps give you the feeling of new.

French onion soup
Three of us had the french onion soup which was super rich and not sure why they felt the need to put pieces of garlic in it.  Luckily I found them before consuming them. 

A sour dough pretzel to split.

Salty fries for the table.

Shisito peppers, two ways.  Nicely done.

Grilled ceasar
One of us had the grilled Caesar salad with salmon on the side. 

The food was fine and the burgers that were coming out of the kitchen looked good.  Definitely a place to return.  What was amazing is that they are a distillery too. In Utah, that is shocking.  All the liquor is state controlled.  They use the spirits in basically every dish they make which is a nice touch. 

Here are the spirits we purchased.  One of them is what whiskey looks like before it is barreled and it almost tastes like a tequilla, the silver one.  There is a vodka, an aged whiskey and a barreled Manhattan which I need to bring back to a bartender to make something really good with this.

I love how more and more people are getting into the artisinal brewing business.  As people return to their roots particularly in the food business from ketchup to jellies to pickles, there are people all over the country getting licenses to distill liquor.  I know because I am an investor in one of those businesses located in Red Hook, Brooklyn called Cacao Prietro.  We are only selling our chocolates now. Still waiting for the approval of our label and recipe but looking forward to watch that business grow.  Truly one of the most amazing rums ever and I am not a rum drinker. 


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