Week/Weekend Wrap-up

What a week.  We are in flood mode but I have gotten over it.  Thank god for the Moon Group.  In all transparency I am a partner in this business but regardless they are my savior.  If you don't believe you can finish a project on  time and on budget then you have never worked with this group.  Not only are they beyond competent, they are a pleasure to work with.  Two of the women I am working with (daily at this point) brought over this incredible basket this week.  Made with loving hands and divine. 

We went to see the Black Keys on Monday night at Webster Hall.  A supposed "secret" concert.  Love that they played in a such a small venue.  Great music.  I love that only two musicians, a drummer and a guitarist, can put out such great music.

Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of having a breakfast of champions with Courtney Boyd Myers.  She wrote up our conversation on The Next Web.  You can read it right here.

Thursday we went out to Brooklyn to have dinner with Kirk Love and his lovely wife at Betto.  Dinner at Betto and then Alabama Shakes at Brooklyn Bowl.  You can listen to the Alabama Shakes on Soundcloud  Their first LP comes out in April.  Brittany Howard, the lead singer, has a set of pipes on her that reminds me of a young Aretha Franklin.  She seriously rocks. 

An epic meal with an amazing group of people at Fedora on Friday night.  Saturday we finally got uptown to the MOMA to see the DeKoonig exhibit.  My favorite span of his work was in the last 40's.  An incredible retrospective that ends on January 9th. 

Glad it is Sunday so I can regroup for the week ahead before taking off for the holidays.




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  1. Rohan


  2. John Revay

    Hi Gotham Gal,WoW – You guys live a very busy life.  One of my best friends in life daughter goes to NYU – I saw her mention the New Black Keys album on FB this past weekGood luck w/ the water damage – it has to be a real pain dealing w/ that especially during the holidays – hope fully it will allow you to upgrade / update your space!PS – how do you shoot photos of all of the food – phone – or do you carry a separate camera (DSLR).PEACE

    1. Gotham Gal

      Definitely a busy life…that was maybe 20% of what we did this week.I use my phone for photos but most of the time I used a small canon. Pics are definitely better.

  3. CCjudy

    I am mad for DeKooning and would give just about anything to see it. His wife was also an excellent artist. Did you resituate yourselves? J

    1. Gotham Gal

      not quite yet but working on it. i seem to move faster than everyone else.