Mexico City, Day one

I am in Mexico City with my very best friend celebrating her birthday.  Why Mexico City?  A few reasons.  Warmth, Art, Food, Culture and we have both wanted to go for many years.  You certainly need to be relatively aware of where you are and what you are doing but Rio is the same and NYC used to be much more so. 

We are staying at Las Alcobas.  Great hotel in the perfect location.  Any area you can stroll around and is right off the park.  Simple modern rooms.  Also a great restaurant, Dulce Patria that we are going to tonight. 

Celery water
We walked around the corner for lunch and had ate Urbana.  Loved this.  Cucumber water.  Like being at a spa. 

Grilled shrimp
Grilled shrimp with this sweet sauce with pieces of pineapple.  The rice was amazing.  Tasted like cilantro for those of you who like cilantro.  I do.

Asparagus cheese
Split the grilled asparagus wrapped in an Oaxaca cheese that was just baked to perfect over a mixture of sauces.

Took a stroll through the neighborhood.  The architecture is pretty cool.  We walked into this building and this was the ceiling of the foyer.

Benessere is a concept shop.  Really put together well.  Clothes, furnishings, soaps, tea…you name it.

The building around the corner had a chocolate shop, a Japanese restaurant, an outdoor bar, a clothing store and a furniture store.  Architecturally just awesome.  An old building redone in a modern style. Check out this floor when you walk into the building.  All glass.

This is part of the building too.  Saw this from outside. 

The chocolate store, Fuga was there too.  Loved these tiny little chocolates.  They look like tiny cupcakes but they are made of chocolate. The sign inside said…chocolate doesn't make the world go round but it makes the ride worthwhile.  So true.

Stopped in this cute store that carried work from local artisans.  Food too.  Arte Indigena Contemporane

Kept walking and ended up in a gallery.  A photography gallery, Patricia Conde Galleria.  Loved this piece.  One of us is going to buy it.  They took us in the back and showed us everything they carried.  It was really interesting seeing all the Mexican photographers they carried.  Most of the work didn't resonate with me but was interesting their look on life in Mexico.

Back to the hotel for some r and r before dins…


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  1. awaldstein

    Enjoy.Telemundo was my account years ago and I used to trek down to Mexico City.Truly fascinating. Culturally a feast once you are comfortable with being there.

  2. leigh

    Would love to go one day to Mexico city — been to the Mayan Rivera a couple times and loved it — hubbie won’t hear about it right now due to crime down there — just had another recent attack on a Canadian woman at a 5 star hotel!So enjoy but be safe 🙂

  3. daryn

    We just got back from an emergency (aka. need to get out of this weather, booked tickets and left 2 days later) trip to Maui.  Sun, warmth, and a change of pace for a week sure was nice.Enjoy Mexico City (and happy birthday to your friend!).

  4. kenberger

    Oaxaca would knock your socks off. 6 hour drive or quick flight. And then Puerto Escondido for the beach, though I don’t assume time is abundant.

  5. Barbara Pantuso

    Nice. I love Mexico City! If you get a chance, one of my favorite neighborhoods there is Coyoacan, where Frida Kahlo grew up. And also Plaza San Jacinto in the neighborhood of San Angel. Enjoy!

  6. Guest

    One of my favorite cities! It is so sprawling landing there always blows my mind. I love all of the fruit waters too, guanabana, guayaba, etc. Have a Great time!!

  7. Lesley Tellez

    Glad you’re enjoying yourselves! I’m sorry we couldn’t make a food tour work out, but hopefully next time, if you’re ever back. I second the Coyoacán recommendation — the JardĂ­n Centenario is a lovely place to sit and people watch. And there’s a great paleta shop on the other side of the church.

  8. Tracey Jackson

    Makes me want to go.

    1. Gotham Gal

      you’d love the art…and food.