Restaurant Pujol

Restaurant Pujol is supposedly the best place in Mexico City to eat right now.  There is a ordering menu as well as two tasting menu options.  We opted to just pick from the menu.  The service is incredible and nobody really speaks English so keep that in mind.  There is not an English menu either.  The restaurant is simple understated yet elegant. 

We had a few drinks to start.  I had just a tequila but my friend had a margarita of fresh lime juice that she declared might have been the best margarita she has ever had period.  The signature dish that comes to each table from the chef is served in this wooden coconut.  Inside are two pieces of small corn that are doused with a creamy coffee mixture that is off the charts. 

The corn is just picked up and eaten with your hands.  A unique taste of Mexico.

The bread came with two different types of butter.  One was much saltier than the other.  Since the language barrier nobody bothered to tell us the difference.

This was clever.  A small hot stone that keeps your bread warm.  Nice touch.

My friend started with the mushroom tamale.  Once they brought over the dish they just took a black pepper seasoning and sprinkled it over the top.  Roasted in a black bean sauce and some type of cheese sauce over the top.  A unique tamale.

I had the avocado.  Thinly sliced avocado stuffed with small shrimps and pieces of octopus rolled up served with a cilantro sauce.  Not only is the presentation beautiful it was delicious.  The workmanship is obvious.  Unique.

For a main course my friend had the sea bass.  It was sweet and served with a pineapple cream on the side.

I finally went for the mole.  Small round pieces of turkey, roasted plaintains and a parsnip puree coated with a rich chocolate mole sauce.  The sauce was really layered in flavor but wasn't as intense as it looks. 

I loved how they served the tortillas in this pouch to keep them warm. 

For dessert we split a chocolate cake with popcorn ice cream and a cream.  Didn't love this.  I have yet to find a Mexican dessert that I am loving. 

Didn't really love these treats either.

Loved the restaurant.  Absolute treat.  Nothing was heavy or fancy.  Everything was just simple yet had so many layers of flavors and thought put into the dish.  Why can't we get Mexican food this good in NYC?

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  1. Sari

    You have to hit one of the city’s amazing candy shops for sweets! I wish I could remember the name of where my friend Fany took us when we were there. In any case, Fany is a renowned pastry chef, owner of La NewYorkina,a Mexico City native, and an all around wonderful person. She can probably point you in the right direction on both counts. Here’s her Twitter handle:!/LaNe

    1. Gotham Gal

      good to know. candy is big there. i will keep this for next time….i am definitely coming back.

  2. mwilkotz

    Little fact you’ll love Joanne, is that tortillas have sides – there’s one that should show on the outside.  I just can’t ever figure out which is which.

    1. Gotham Gal

      couldn’t figure out which is up in a million years!

  3. andyidsinga

    when / if you visit portland or – you must go eat tacos at ‘por que no’ – and i love them! they’ll serve you a drink while waiting in line too 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      like new orleans? nice!