NYU-Poly Incubators Program

LogoI am a huge fan of the incubator programs.  If you get in and can figure out how to make the time (aka not easy for Moms with kids) they are well worth it.  The benefits are huge.  You have the ability to drill down on your business with a new set of eyes, you meet other people who are in the same boat, you begin to understand how to build a property on the web/app, how to brand, how to market, how to raise money, how to how to how to. 

What I really like about incubators is that they are like playing a competitive game.  If you play against someone who is just a little better than you it forces you to play at a higher level.  When you get a bunch of super smart entrepreneurs in the room who all have very different assets…everybody ups their game. 

NYU-Poly has a program that you can apply to here.  They are looking for potential high-growth companies that will create job and change the economy with new products and services while leveraging the strength of the exisiting start-up community.  Their focus is on adtech, fintech, gaming, mobile, social and digital media, and cleanweb.

Their program is a rolling admission.  To date they have had 10 companies graduate, get funded and have created over 400 jobs.  Really great mentors in this program too. 

I am a huge fan of NYU-Poly and I love what they are doing over there to be leaders in ever-growing the tech community. 

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  1. Sharon

     It sounds like a great program.  I know some-one who would be perfect and I’ll pass the info along.  Too bad its tough for working moms–But it really is. Even with great child-care, supportive spouses, and passion, its tough.  The good side is that working mom’s provide the “right stuff” for their children, in so many ways, and mom’s need to know this too. Sharon 

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is tough for the young moms, no doubt. it gets easier as they get older.

      1. Sharon

        agreed. It does get easier. Someone once said to me when my kids were young: “the days are very long, but the years are very short.” For some reason, I found it of comfort. 

        1. Gotham Gal

          the years are seriously short. our daughter turned 21 this past week and it just seems like yesterday she was learning to walk.

  2. Guest

    Incubators are another door that men hold the key to.  It would be nice if in some programs they had one woman in “admissions”.  Maybe they do?  My first job was a buyer for Club Monaco (Owned by Ralph Lauren).  I was hired to work in menswear because it was an all male team and they realized that girlfriends and wives did most of the shopping for men.  I was hired for the “girlfriend” perspective.  I think that the “girlfriend” perspective would be very beneficial to incubators.  I know that a lot of the mentors are women, but what do the ratios look like for the people making the selections on who gets in?  

    1. Gotham Gal

      good question. i have no idea but i know a woman heads up this program.

  3. rebeccastees

    Have you seen the What it takes to get on the Start Up Bus?  Some clever writing…..http://blog.startupbus.com/

    1. Gotham Gal

      very clever and spot on.

  4. pixiedust8

    Great info–thanks! I have an idea I’m developing, but as discussed below, I also have a four-year-old daughter, so that gives me pause. The time already seems to be going so quickly.