out in utah and hitting the wall

ImagesWhy is it that nothing is move in condition?  That is what I thought to myself when we got out to Utah to spend Presidents Day weekend.  I am in the midst of 3 (kind of 4) real estate projects.  It just happened that way.  One is plenty, trust me.  Three is insane. 

I am looking at my email box thinking about all the questions I need to answer, the people I need to respond to and the people I unfortunately have to say no to.  I used to have the opportunity to see everyone and anything, no longer.  I am delighted in the fact that I have found my groove but my bandwidth snapped a few weeks ago.  My friend called me the other night and I think I freaked her out as I just rambled on.  She said I needed to lay on a beach for a week.  Not sure that is in the cards or in my dna. 

I need to clear my calendar a bit in order to deal with real estate and just life. Life…making sure everything runs efficiently, there is food in the refrigerator, I have dinner on the table most nights and attempt to be creative, really try very hard to help all the companies I am involved at every turn as they are always in my head, seeing new companies that I think are interesting, planning a new trip, making plans with friends and did I mention a hair cut on occasion.  Being able to come back to a world where I can use my brain daily now that I have two kids in college and one not far from that is not a bad problem to have but I might be busier now that I have ever been.  SO…I am hitting the slopes tomorrow and hopefully by the time we return to NYC onTuesday I will be more relaxed, up on all my email and have dealt with the clearing of the calendar gracefully. 

I just hope that my back, which is not in a good way, doesn't cause me serious pain.  Going to a doctor twice a week to deal with just isn't in the cards but I am making it a priority.  Ahh…old age is creeping up on me!