out in utah and hitting the wall

ImagesWhy is it that nothing is move in condition?  That is what I thought to myself when we got out to Utah to spend Presidents Day weekend.  I am in the midst of 3 (kind of 4) real estate projects.  It just happened that way.  One is plenty, trust me.  Three is insane. 

I am looking at my email box thinking about all the questions I need to answer, the people I need to respond to and the people I unfortunately have to say no to.  I used to have the opportunity to see everyone and anything, no longer.  I am delighted in the fact that I have found my groove but my bandwidth snapped a few weeks ago.  My friend called me the other night and I think I freaked her out as I just rambled on.  She said I needed to lay on a beach for a week.  Not sure that is in the cards or in my dna. 

I need to clear my calendar a bit in order to deal with real estate and just life. Life…making sure everything runs efficiently, there is food in the refrigerator, I have dinner on the table most nights and attempt to be creative, really try very hard to help all the companies I am involved at every turn as they are always in my head, seeing new companies that I think are interesting, planning a new trip, making plans with friends and did I mention a hair cut on occasion.  Being able to come back to a world where I can use my brain daily now that I have two kids in college and one not far from that is not a bad problem to have but I might be busier now that I have ever been.  SO…I am hitting the slopes tomorrow and hopefully by the time we return to NYC onTuesday I will be more relaxed, up on all my email and have dealt with the clearing of the calendar gracefully. 

I just hope that my back, which is not in a good way, doesn't cause me serious pain.  Going to a doctor twice a week to deal with just isn't in the cards but I am making it a priority.  Ahh…old age is creeping up on me!

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  1. Rohan

    When you least feel like taking a break is probably when you most need one.Re-entry always feels great. have fun! 🙂

  2. leeschneider

    Yoga for the back

    1. Gotham Gal

      nada. it is a pinched nerve. it started about 21 years ago…aka when i got pregnant with my daughter. it is one of those things that have just accelerated over the years. working with sports guys (they are terrific). in the end, i think a coritzone shot might be the end all solution. btw, happy to take it.

  3. ellen

    My friend had a cortisone shot.  Occasionally, it  works if they hit the right spot.Not the best solution.  If it is a nerve, I hope you are seeing a neurosurgeon as opposed to orthopedist.Sometime the best solution is rest and tincture of time.  I know it sounds horrible, but just staying off  of it and applying heat on and off helps to make everything better. Exercising it away is not always good for it.My friend ended up having a pain block but again it was only temporary.  He wouldn’t sit in bed long enough to let nature regenerate the nerve.

    1. Gotham Gal

      actually i am icing 3 x’s a day to get all the swelling down. the doc i am going to fixed a few people i know. bottom line is that at the end of my spine it is squished together and creating the nerve pain. i have done pretty much zero exercise for the last six weeks. not good for my mental health…although i am still waiting for that pill.

  4. steve

    i like this blog.  just tell me you’re not a Deer Valley person.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i’m not. i’m in the canyons. i’m a boarder

      1. John Revay

        I like that you are into boarding, our two older daughters started out skiing and then switched to boarding, our son ( 7 yrs old) is still a skier – his mom wants him to ski one more year ( this year) – he is dying to go boarding.Enjoy your time away from Gotham!

        1. Gotham Gal

          i started boarding 15 years ago figuring that the kids would eventually go that way. I still like to strap up a pair of skis a few times a year and hit the bumps. Glad I started boarding. I actually enjoy it much more on a daily basis. More forgiving on the body. Happy to do blues on a board but hate blues on skis so it works for me.

  5. Angelamariemoulton

    Great image (photo)!  Wish I were on the slopes.  My husband and I both snowboard and love it!  (I’m 44 and he just turned 50.)Take care of your back.  I hope it is feeling better soon!Life’s too short not to have fun. 

    1. Gotham Gal

      couldn’t agree more…life’s too short not to have fun

  6. SKristinKim

    You never cease to amaze me….wishing you a beautiful day on the slopes and a respite from back pain.

  7. John Revay

    Real Estate projects – Love / Hate.  My sense is that you enjoy doing real estate projects – probably not just all concurrently.It sounds like you are working w/ good people – (past posts)

  8. TanyaMonteiro

    i feel for you, years of hyper mobility and yoga resulted in a herniated disk btw my L3/4. woke up one morning recently and was unable to get out of bed. been an interesting recovery so far…..a friend recommended an interesting book, http://www.amazon.com/Back-…

    1. Gotham Gal

      that is pretty much what I have. sucks. will check out the book. thanks tanya.

  9. Emily Merkle

    wow -superwoman – if you can’t walk you are sidelined!

  10. William Mougayar

    Nothing better than a real break to come back re-energized. I found that when you disconnect for a while or change your routine, it lets you step back a little, and as a result, you see very clearly the priorities when you’re back.

  11. LGBlueSky

    Sounds like you need to decompress.  How about a trip to Malibu, stay in the Malibu Beach Inn, get a massage or two and go for a hike everyday…maybe for 2-3 days and get ALL of your emails done on the cross country trip so your mind will be free….just my thoughts.   Have fun boarding.  

    1. Gotham Gal

      hiking not my thing but hanging on the the beach doesn’t sound bad.

  12. Sunchowder

    Massage, Massage, Massage and stretching are probably the best things for you, hard to take the time out to do it, I know.   I don’t know how you do it, and glad that you are taking a much needed break.  Happy and relaxing thoughts are coming your way, I really love you.

    1. Gotham Gal

      aw…thanks wendy

  13. ShanaC

    First off, feel better.Second question, is there a way to “rebuild” your musculature by working out so that your nerve is no longer pinched…

    1. Gotham Gal

      that is what i am hoping the shot of cortizone will do. it is swollen basically and needs to be relieved.

  14. Lock

    Ha. My mom’s definition of vacation: “Any day I don’t have to cook.” 

    1. Gotham Gal

      I might have to agree with your Mom…although I have been cooking every meal since we have been here. Although it is 530pm and I bagged going out today so I am still in my pjs.

      1. Lock

        Order in! xoxo