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DAE7OvSGRi7d-OGE-1zzilV_bdECRXqxzMfZPXCwMVLdLrGrPKDoejpQPgh0Q1e1KtQW1Q=s126The Russian Transport is the current production playing at the New Group right now. 

An interesting play.  Set in the Russian community of Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay).  A family who came here when their kids were seriously young since they can barely speak Russian anymore.  The idea was to make a better life for their children.  The family is struggling to get by on a taxi service they run from their home.  Both of their kids help out.  Their kids are American teenagers, the parents are Russian immigrants.  That is what happens.  Their Moms brother comes for an extended stay dropping in on the family who has not seen him in 15 some odd years and everything changes.  He isn't a criminal but he is a more like a gangster.  He pulls in the whole family and everything shifts.

Doesn't exactly show a good side of the Russian immigrant life.  One parent is trying to create a new life for the next generation while the other parent is ok with remaining a criminal in a new land just to feed the family. 

The acting is fantastic.  I have always been a fan of Janeane Garafalo but Sarah Steele who plays the daughter is amazing.  She just graduated from Columbia University with a serious resume already in tv, film and theater.  Watch out for this actress.  She made her mark on me. 

As much as I was intriguqed by the writing and this slice of life in Brooklyn, the ending just really left me hanging in a way that I prefer not to be left at the end of a play.  Kind like a Tolstoy novel.

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