Talking with My Mouth Full, My Life as a Professional Eater, Gail Simmons

Images-1Gail Simmons is one of the lovliest people.  She lives in a world where it would be very easy to become snooty but she is just a good Jewish girl from Toronto who counts her lucky stars every night…and she should. 

Her book, Talking with My Mouth Full, My Life as a Professional Eater,  is an absolutely worthy read.  The book reads as if you are getting a full account of how she got where she did as if you were having dinner with Gail or chatting with her at a cocktail party.  She is transparent about her life, her family and just about everything. 

She pursued the world of food and timing wise she hit the perfect wave.  Her experiences from working with Jeffrey Steingarten to Daniel Bolud to Food and Wine where she ran the Aspen Food and Wine Festival to being the on Americas Top chef that has defined a generation of foodies, chefs and a burgeoning industry. 

If you love the food industry, you will love this book.  Gail is smart and has truly taken the opportunities that have come her way and grabbed them with bravado as she educated herself at every turn.  The book is an education giving the reader a glimpse into the reality of all aspects of the food industry.