I feel so good that I finally got to Tertulia.  It has been top of my list. Friday night at 615 I was able to snag a seat for two at the bar.  By 620 there was back-up trying to get a table.  There is a reason for that.  The food is fantastic, the menu is really creative and the place is warm and cozy.  There is something really laid back and DIY about the place that I really love. Kind of can't beat it.

We had two glasses of red wine.  Love the wine list.

Although the paella sounded incredible we opted for the sharing of a bunch of tapas.  First thing out was the jambon.  I know it looks totally fatty ( and it is ) but it is seriously out of this world.

The classic pan con tomate which is the key to Spain.  Chopped tomatoes with sea salt rubbed over toasted bread.  Next to it is black and white anchovies with roasted tomatoes over a piece of thin toasted spread with a sheeps milk cheese dripped with balsamic vinegar.  Wow.  Salty, savory and sweet all rolled up into one.

Crispy brussel sprouts with pieces of pork belly.  This dish had a hint of cumin.  Yum.

Grilled veggies:smoke ricotta
Grilled vegetables of the season served over smoked ricotta cheese.  A really well done salad.  Lots of different flavors.

Loved this.  Baby squid stuffed with black rice, merenguez sausage and red peppers.  Tiny bites of brilliance.

Had to have dessert.  Hazelnut ice cream which was a little too stiff and icy with essentially Spanish french toast. 

Honestly I could have had more tapas.  Looking forward to returning…soon.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for this.I’m a believer in smaller, more personal, changeable wine lists that add value and that the staff knows. I like this one.BTW…since I know you like Balaboosta. Whenever I go there I personally get there 15 minutes early and talk to the manager about the list (which changes) and ask what isn’t on the list and taste whatever is open.

    1. Gotham Gal

      This place is a gem

  2. kenberger

    That wine list shows “Gotham Project on Tap”.Maybe you can start a wine line called… GOTHAM GALLONS.And your big event remains of course the Gotham Gala.

    1. Gotham Gal