Truth In Aging

Images-1I absolutely love the name of this company.  Truth in Aging is an ecommerce site for products that are honestly reviewed and many of them are only available on their site in the USA. 

My favorite is something I call "hope in a box".  For $149 you get an annual membership where you will receive four times a year a box of new and interesting products that are deluxe samples sizes so you can really spend some time trying out the product.  There is a feedback form so we can begin to customize your needs over time.  Of course this membership gives you access to special deals.  An excellent gift for yourself or a friend.  I loved my last box and ended up buying one of the full-sized products.  What woman doesn't love good beauty products..and what woman doesn't continue changing what product is in the drawer.

Check out the site.  $5 from every purchase over $35 goes to The National Womens Health Network.  After all, a girl has to take care of herself.  Truth in Aging is about finding the right product for you with content that makes us feel good about who we are at any age. 

Also..except for a few things these days, I really do love the ecommerce model.  By the time I get to the store, it could have been sitting on my shelf for two weeks. 


Comments (Archived):

  1. rebeccastees

    Haha.  What a teaser….. what is the product you bought post trial?Signed, more laugh Lines than last year

    1. Gotham Gal

      i just bought one that i liked for a moisturizer and then picked two other products based on the reviews. let’s see what happens

      1. rebeccastees

        I need to remember to wear my moisturizer with sunscreen.Hope it works out well for you!

        1. Gotham Gal

          I have powder that has sunscreen in it

          1. rebeccastees

             ah!   good idea.  my forehead has more freckles on it, too

  2. Marta

    Thank you so much for the mention Joanne. I’m looking forward to hearing whether the full-size product you bought is “the right product for you”. Marta