A day in Heber City, Utah

Emily and I went down one run the other day and decided to go out on an outing instead.  The conditions were not great and she had a photography project to finish.  She suggested we take a trip to Huber.

We stopped at Dairy Keen for lunch.  They have won best in state for their burgers and shakes, 14 awards over 9 years.

Tried the cheeseburger.  Kind of reminded us of the days when the kids were super young and we lived in the suburbs and I'd take them to McDonalds to pass the time and play in the inside ball thing.  Yes, McDonalds.  Those were the days.

Strawberry dairy keen
We went for the strawberry shake.  Lots of strawberries and soft vanilla ice cream mushed together.  

Strolled around the town.  Here is the barber shop.  LIke walking back in time.

Also stopped by the diner that has also won awards.  There was a photo of them on the Utah magazine hanging in the place.

Loved this book on the table.  Thought I should pick it up for a few people I know.

Driving back we stopped to take photos of the beautiful reservoir.

Jessica shooting steve and fred
The afternoon was all about being outside.  Jessica took photos of Fred and our friend Steve for something.

Vanessa in snow
Vanessa and I hung out and just enjoyed the amazing views and weather.

Feeling very relaxed.   


Comments (Archived):

  1. bijan

    great pix. love the strawberry shake! 

    1. Gotham Gal

      Looks better than it tastes! LOL

  2. ellen

    You look very relaxed.  Good for you.  You need it with all your New York activities.  You look so relaxed that me thinks the renovation hasn’t begun or it is all done.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Still in the midst of the reno

  3. rebeccastees

    fun pics around town!  are these your pics? 

    1. Gotham Gal

      yep. these are mine.

    2. rebeccastees

       emily is a good influence !   i love it when you show us where you’ve been through your eyes.