A day of art

I really enjoy getting out and seeing art especially some of the up and coming artists.  If I spend too much time at galleries and studios it can be dangerous so the good news is my schedule doesn't permit it.  I had a whirlwind day this past week starting out in Brooklyn at David Benjamin Sherrys studio.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures of his work because nobody has seen it yet.  The piece above is from his last body of work.  He medium is photography and he uses color in the most extraordinary way.  The pieces I saw at his studio are shots of nature from places like Bryce Canyon in Utah.  He then takes those shots and drills down making them very tight and uses his own mixes of color to highlight the shot.  They are amazing.  He is also such a charming young man.  He is going to have a big show soon at Salon 94. 

We went to look at other work of Davids by someone who works with him.  I really liked this work from Dustin Yellin who I actually met at a party awhile back.  He is in the midst of building an art gallery that is like a PS 1 in Red Hook.  I like the idea of sculpture with different work inside. 

Down on the LES galleries continue to make their stake.  The Untitled Gallery.  We went down in the basement to see all the artists that they represent. The piece above is by Henry Taylor.

Piecei wanted to buy
This is by Ian Tweedy.  I really love this piece.  There is something romantic and secretive about this piece.  The warmth of the painting framed with wood that looks like it came from a garage sale.  Unfortunately for me it had already been sold. 

We stopped by Mariann Goodman Gallery, uptown, to see some work of William Kentridge.  Have always been a fan of his work.  I didn't realize he was only in his 50's for some reason I thought he was much older.  I saw a couple of metal sculptures that definitely looked like his work.  The only other work I had really seen of his were etchings but you knew these sculptures were his the minute I saw them.  Only had pictures. 

Our last stop was the Hole NYC.  I plan on watching this gallery.  A real interesting mix of young artists that are seriously talented.  Theo Rosenblum and Chelsea Seltzer is the show up right now.  I went crazy for this donut.  I got a glimpse of all of their artists in the back room.  Impressive.

What a day…my head was spinning by the time I got home, in a good way. 

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  1. kirklove

    Goal for 2012: Visit more galleries. Not doing a very good job of that. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is like anything…you have to force yourself to do it. note to self: go see cindy sherman at the moma and the whitney biennial and don’t miss the big art show at the pier next weekend.

      1. awaldstein

        MoMa and Cindy Sherman today. Armory Photo Show 3/29.I am bad with the galleries as well and hang in the museums. I’d love to do a small group crawl every month or so.

        1. Gotham Gal

          yes, the photo show. i’m psyched for that too.

          1. awaldstein

            Bourke-White and Eisenstadt collector. My favorite show every year.

        2. ShanaC

          Me too – I avoid going because I don’t often have people to go with

  2. Christine Tsai

    That donut is straight out of the Simpsons 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. CCjudy

    Go alto to Met to see The Steins Collect