Another road trip in Utah

The boys has no interest in skiing yesterday.  Kind of don't blame them.  After having an epic snowstorm with truly outrageous conditions and then to have 60 degrees at the top of the mountain kind of ruins the slopes.  The runs become icy and mushy. 

We opted to take a road trip down into Salt Lake City instead.  Why?  To have lunch at In-N-Out Burger, a company slowly spreading across the country from its roots in Los Angeles. The animal burger – that means it includes fried onions is pretty good.  We all said the same thing, it ain't Shake Shack

Afteward we drove over to Liberty Heights Fresh.  Steve is the owner and Ricks Picks does a nice business with Steve.  Love the place and Steve. 

Libertyheightsfresh - steve
He took an old garage and made it into an oasis of delicious products in the middle of Salt Lake City.  Fresh country eggs, delicious local breads, caramels from Boise, an incredible selection of cheeses.  I have a lot of product sent out to Utah to stock up for the week.  I know it seems ridiculous but you just can't get the products we are used to in Utah.  That has changed.  Next time we come out I am just going to place a huge order with Steve.  He has exactly what we need.


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  1. Jeff T.

    In-N-Out is the Shake Shack of the West, the unicorn of burgers where every teardrop of cheese falling off the bun can cure a million maladies.  I’m OK with an East coaster saying “it ain’t Shake Shack”.  There’s no slander in that statement.

    1. Gotham Gal

      There might be a shake shack coming your way before you know it

  2. rebeccastees

    Do you like Steak n’ Shake? 

    1. Gotham Gal

      never been. where are they located?

    2. rebeccastees

       midwest.   not necessarily recommended.  lol.

  3. rebeccastees

    i’ll take some caramels from Boise!

  4. Jim Forbes

    InNOutis an institution in CA.It starts its Asociates at $15 an hour and has an incredibly loyal workforce. In-N-POout has also created numerous millionaires with its employee profit sharing plan. It’s a facsinating business model that goes back to 1948.I must disclose I was on the founiding crew of In-N_Out stanf #6 when it opened nAzusa in 1965.Much of what I think it takes to become a responsibkle customer-focused employee/entrepreneur goes directky bak to what I leanred from the SNyder family when I worked st ForbesEscondido,CA

    1. Gotham Gal

       that is so cool that you were one of the first employees.  i am a huge fan of companies that compensate the employees with stock too….happy employees, happy work environment is always a plus plug

  5. Cookiemoo

    Hope Steve can survive in green jello land!

  6. pc fulltimer

    try “The Store” (that’s the name) in Midway and Cottonwood Heights or Harmon’s for great shopping

    1. Gotham Gal

      excellent. good to know. thanks.