last day on the slopes

The conditions are just not great this year.  Had an epic snowstorm when we got here and then the temperature warmed up and everything melted.  60 degrees on the mountain is only good for staying warm and getting tan.  The snow felt like we were moving through a slurpee. 

There was an event where people dressed up and created floats that they got in and skiied or boarded down into a lake. Here is a group getting ready to get in their float.

Honestly way too packed for me.  I quickly got back down to wait for the rest for lunch.

Warm and exhausted waiting for the crew.

In the late afternoon there was a Little Feat concert at the bottom of the Canyons.  Way too many people for me again so I went to the bar for a drink instead. 

Long day on the slopes.  I got caught in some crud at the end of the day.  Feeling healthy and relaxed.  Time to return to NYC…where we finish off the vacation as a staycation.



Comments (Archived):

  1. kirklove

    Points for Boarding. Double Points for riding a Burton.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thank you thank you

  2. rebeccastees

    I am impressed that you get out there!

  3. John Revay

    Little Feat – I enjoyed their music a long time ago – late 70’s early 80’sDitto glad to see you boarding! – I wished I made the move years ago.Enjoy the rest of your break!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I enjoyed Little feat when you did. Definitely more enjoyable then. LOL

  4. Tracey Jackson

    Love the photo of you in the snow.