The Independent Art Fair

When the Armory Show is in town a variety of other shows around town pop-up too.  I would have liked to get to all of them but the only other one I made it to was the Independent.  Many of the galleries at this show carry emerging contemporary artists.  The show was in the Dia space on 22nd Street. 

This was a hanging piece which I thought was quite cool.  Pae White is the artist. 

Another hanging piece called Canopy Camping by Andrea Bowers at the Andrew Krepps Gallery. 

Fred saw this piece and loved it.  It was great to have him walk the show with me and find something he really liked.  The artist is Michael Portnoy, he is American but his gallery is in Rotterdam.  Portnoy is a performance artist who is just starting to work in paint.  This piece is almost 10" across but 80" tall which makes for a really unique piece too. 

Interesting sculptures at Herald Street.

A dining room installation at GB Agency. 

A much more manageable show than the pier, small and more intimate.  Glad we got to it.  Loving our rabbi.