The Sill



Two women, Eliza Blank and Gwen Blevens came to talk to me about their company The Sill.  They had concieved this idea while working together in Boston and took the bold step to quit their jobs and move to NYC. 

The Sill is a place where you could sign up for a subscription model around plants for your home where the plants are planted in beautiful containers made by local artisans.  Does the business eventually have a small brick and mortar shop, does it evolve into being a place for hand made pots to be sold?

Who knows but here is what I loved about this business model.  Both Eliza and Gwen are passionate about what they have created.  They are smart about how they are going about it.  They have no interest in taking tons of money and believing they are the next $50 million business but they are interested in creating a business that they are passionate about that is part of their life.  A business where they can make enough income to fund their own lives and life styles.  There are many women out there who nobody hears about that are doing just that.  It gives them the ability to do so many things and the number one thing is flexibility. 

They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to start their business on the right path.  I gave.  Take a look…and if you can, support their dream.