a very special night at Fedora

A one night only event at Fedora happened this past week.  The fabulous chef at Fedora Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly and M. Wells' Hugue Dufour who cooked with Mehdi at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal got together for a night of extreme decadence.  The menu was under-wraps until plates starting to show up in front of you.  Wine was served by the magnum.  It was fun, communal, discussion oriented and all and all a super fun evening.  Molson on top all night for whoever wanted it. 

We started out with a Sancerre which I stuck to all evening. The appetizer plate was a tasting of a mixture of things.  Crispy cheddar sweetbread poppers, amberjack sashimi, blood sausage with a dried meat, smoked mussels and oysters with a coffee cream.  The poppers were innovative, crispy and delicious.  Loved the smoked mussels and sashimi.  Coffee and oysters just didn't do it for me.

Round 2. You have to love this.  BBQ Barbie carpacchio which is a nod to Lady Gaga…the chefs are fans.  It was really delicious and the green sauce is made from charred scallions.  Everything was edible except barbie. 

One look at this picture and you can see how rich this soup is.  Delicious chicken meatballs, crayfish and vegetables.  On the side was deep fried chicken feet.  I am a bone suckin' girl so I was happy to see that.  The soup was so rich.   Wow.

The main course was a roasted duck that they have taken all the meat off.  Pretty impressive actually because there was literally no meat left on the bone.  Sliced pieces of medium rare duck with a pistachio puree..and the duck was roasted in a maple syrup.  On the side is a stuff potato cabbage.

Also a salad with duck confit, cheddar cheese, sliced radishes and the house vinegarette.  Showing to us all how you can literally use every piece of the duck. 

Luckily I took notes because the next day I could barely remember dessert.  Upside down pineapple cake which I managed to write down but not take a picture of.  That sums up how the night came to an end. 

Wonderful evening.  Love that Gabe and GIna brought these two chefs together for a one night only bash.  Looking forward to more evenings like this. 

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  1. William Mougayar

    Wow…I missed that post and now seeing this. Wow again.

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