How Good

LogoConsumers are starting to care a lot more about what they are eating.  They want to know about companies that are producing their food and if they are supporting local producers and using less carbon miles or perhaps supporting a charity and that the product has good ingredients. 

My gut is that data will support that when people pick up a product off the shelf, examine it and see a label that gives them a rating from a variety of points of information that consumers will choose a product based on that.  Perhaps people are willing to pay more for a box of crackers because they give their employees better benefits?  We will see as data is data.

What I love about How Good is the entrepreneurs behind it are smart, curious, engaging and obviously data driven.  I also like the concept of a good house keeping seal of approval, per se.  It helps the consumer make better decisions when they are walking down the grocery aisle putting purchases in their cart because the information is right on the price tag.  You don't have to look up a thing.

When that data is captured and then returned to the retailer will be when interesting things begin to take place.  In full transparency, I am investor in this company.  Take a look and let me know what you think.