National Volunteer Week

Be Inspired. Be Committed. Give Pro-Bono.

For many years, when I was basically a stay at home Mom, people would ask me what I do.  I had two pat answers.  I am a superhero or nothing I get paid for.  I liked both and enjoyed both titles. 

After plunging myself back into working, I pulled back and focused on chairing MOUSE.  It was really an incredible experience.  I learned how to run a board, be a little more political than I have been in the past and most important I got to see our impact on peoples lives.  There is no doubt that the latter was the most important.

Giving back and volunteering is one thing but giving back your skills doing pro bono work is another.  That is one of the reasons I invested in Catchafire.  Everytime Rachael Chong talks about her passion for making the world a different place by helping non-profits be more efficient and giving them access to tap into professionals who want to give back their time with their expertise…I get excited. 

This week is National Volunteer Week.  Check out Catchafire.  Sign up to help a company who is doing something that you care about and do a short job be it a marketing plan, buildng a website or writing a grant.  The hours are set and so is the structure from the get-go so you know what you are in for.  I guarantee you will feel wonderful about your experience. 

The words on the Catchafire site are simple. Be Inspired. Be Committed. Give Pro-Bono.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. AnaRC

    I totally agree Joanne! nothing better than volunteering your skills.  I’ve witnessed how you do this with such grace.  Will check out Catchfire today to see what we can find for LATISM.  Crazy to see how much help a non-profit needs to become efficient.

  2. Walker

    Their slogan should be “Because you have nothing better to do.” Get it?

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice. i get it.