Wrigley Park

I went to college in Boston so I have been to the only other classic old school ballpark, Fenway Park.  I actually lived down the street from Fenway Park.  Walking up to Wrigley Field, seeing the open bars on the street, even the smell of the place, really sent me back a few years.  Certainly at Fenway Park they never mentioned that I was there.  LOL.

Balconies and restaurant
On the side streets there are apartment buildings.  The owners of these buildings had built bleachers on the top charging fans for a seat.  Most of them have a one cost including an all you can eat hot dogs and hamburgers included in the fare.  This building has even created a restaurant below. 

More balconies
A few years back the owners of the Cubs decided they were providing the entertainment so either the owners payed them a percentage of their take of they would block their views.  An agreement was made and I was told that the affiliate fee to the Cubs is 17.5%.  Not bad. 

The park
It was raining but luck had it that the rain ceased until we left sometime around the 8th inning.  What a beautiful field.

The old scoreboard will never be replaced as it is land-marked so there is a new electronic one lower down around the other side.

Had to have the Chicago dog.

As the weather turned colder, as in I was wearing a heavy sweater, winter coat, big scarf and gloves, the birds sat in the stands to watch the game.

Then the birds took over the field.  It was kind of crazy.  Really fun afternoon.  Hung out, watched the game and shot the shit.  Classic American past time.

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  1. awaldstein

    Side question.What camera do you use? Your photos are excellent and many are in doors with low light.Been using a G10 for years and it’s done and need another. Low light great. Some flexibility as I shoot a lot of city and vineyard shots. Easy to schlepp around as part of daily life.Much appreciated.

    1. Gotham Gal

      canon S95. small and compact

      1. awaldstein


  2. Jmscottcsw

    The grammar and sentence structure in this post make it nearly unreadable. Certainly, it would be almost impossible to diagram the sentences.  

    1. Gotham Gal

      then don’t read it.