Back to London

Going back to a city that you know is like visiting an old friend.  Fred and I are in London for a few days this week. There is no rush to see anything.  We know where to go.  We lived her for four weeks a few summers ago and walking the streets feels like my old stomping grounds. 

We got in this morning and were exhausted.  The hardest part about coming here is the flight really isn't that long but the time change is 5 hours so just about when you are ready to fall asleep, you land.  It is wet, cold and rainy which is a bit of a bummer since NYC has finally become relatively warm. 

Once we had breakfast and freshened up we hit the street.  First stop was BStore.  I have been watching and shopping at this store for years.  The guys behind it are so nice and they do a lot of private label and work with Opening Ceremony.  They have moved to a two story location near Liberty of London. 

Afterward we stopped in Philips de Pury.  I had seen these vessels by Pia Wustenberg and was determined to find them what I got to London.  Phiips has a small shop here that carries artisan work.  Little did I know that there was also a small shop like this in NYC but the one in London is bigger and most of the work is sourced here.  The guy who runs it works with universities/colleges and alike to steamlike many of the newer artists into the art world.  Makes sense.  Not sure why there isn't more of that connection in NYC.  I ended up with one of the vessels not featured here.

I also got this piece which is a standing vase. 

The other piece is one of these bowls.  All very cool works.

We headed over the Tate Modern.  I have never been a fan of this museum but now it appears that they only do curated installations of artists which makes more sense.  I didn't like how you wandered through the place for their permanent works.  Before going in had lunch at the Tate cafe and I won't bore you with the pictures.  It ain't Danny Meyer.  Then we saw the Yayoi Kusama show.  Thank god for our kids because it was Jessica who told us we must see this exhibit.  Amazing.  I knew nothing about this artist before hand and shame on me.  Beyond talented and watching her work evolve over the course of her life, so far, is incredible.  I am just going to show each piece by room that I took a photo of.  The one above from the 40/50's

Then this continues into the 50's.

This period is amazing.  Everything turned into white polka dots.  The piece is also very layered with the paint which is hard to see from the picture.

How wild is this?

The lone boat was an intallation she had done in the 70s with Warhol and Donald Judd.

She then took the polka dots to another later.  Very pop artish.

The polka dot room. 

Then WOW.  Almost looks like it would glow under a black light.

This is the last room which is glowing.  I took a pic of Fred and me.  Kusama has also written a handful of books.  Loved this show.

Back to the room for some serious rest and relaxation before going out for dinner. 


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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for this.I’m in London for the weekend and have free time on Saturday.I’m heading to the Tate to see that exhibit.

    1. Gotham Gal

      enjoy. tomorrow the tate london for a picasso exhibit

      1. awaldstein

        Fortuitous post. Just reserved a spot for that before I head home.Thanks!

  2. rebeccastees

    I love Yayoi      I’m participating in an ongoing project called Turbinegeneration with the Tate.It’s been fun.

  3. ellen

    Like the vessels. Coincidence, I was at an estate sale in my neighborhood and found some great Robert St. Pierre “wooden pottery.” Evidently, he lived in Massachusetts and now down South. My neighbor had quite a collection. Just beautiful but not as useful as the glass and wood.

  4. Dan Routman

    Love the Philips de Pury shop there.  Bought a pair of chairs two years ago.

    1. Gotham Gal

      very cool stuff and the guy that runs it is really nice and very plugged in. i had no idea that there is a smaller one uptown. i guess i should attempt to get up there once in awhile. lol.

  5. CCjudy

    Thank you. I did not know her name. I liked all of her art

  6. kenberger

    I’m there next week (mtgs with investors and clients), and then driving all over Ireland for fun. Any food recommendations (low end or high)? We’ll be escorted most of the time but it would be fun to be in-the-know.

  7. kenberger

    Here’s pix and video from our Hall of Mirrors visit. Thought you and Fred would enjoy :^)

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice. good wedding?

      1. kenberger

        this saturday. check your email 😉