Walking around Chicago

Since I was on my own today I took my time getting out the door.  I finally made my way downstairs to get a little breakfast.  These are the lights in the Pump Room.  Very cool.

Of course I used the Racked 38 list to figure out what stores I should go check out.  First stop was Judy Maxwell.  Supposedly this store is owned by Joan Cusack, who knew.  Unfortunately she was not there today.  A very quirky yet cool store full of fun items for your house.  I happened to love this elephant which actually can hold a 220 lb person and am thinking where would I put it.

I really liked these pieces by Brian Bonebrake at the store.  The popsickles are great.

So is the fish. 

There was also this shelf full of these odd shaped small books.  This I bought.

I strolled over to Sarca and around the corner to Ikram.  Ikram is chocked with merchandise.  A long standing Chicago store.  The building is really cool.

My next stop was Elements to check out their housewares and then off to Blake.  Blake had a pretty great selection of clothes. The Chicago Racked editor definitely sent me to the right spots.

Danielbodner royboydgallery
Art galleries came next.  Paintings by Daniel Bodner at Roy Boyd Gallery.

These were my favorites of the day.  Marc Dennis at Carl Hammer Gallery.

There are a few buildings around Superior that have a handful of galleries in them.  This was cool.  Spill is the name of the exhibit by Daniel Beltra at Catherine Edelman Gallery.  Photos of oil spills.

Norbert freese
Last was Norbert Freese at Printworks.

Just a nice day to walk around and take in the city of Chicago.


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  1. ellen

    I love shopping with you wherever you go.There is so much to see and do in Chicago.My friend’s daughter started a clothing line this year in Chicago.  She hadworked in the financial sector as a commodities’ and derivatives’  trader andchanged course to design very sexy dresses and soon sportswear.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Good for her!

  2. Lynne

    Really enjoying your perspective of Chicago… I take it you stayed at PUBLIC…thoughts? Have you been to the Pump Room? 

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yep. Stayed at the Public. It is OK nothing great. Room service comes in paper containers and plastic silverware. Clever but not that clever. The rooms are fine. Serious noise issues with their heat and a/c. Nobody comes to clean your room in the evening. Small things but issues that mean something to me