Women Who Tech

ImagesI was asked to take part in the Women Who Tech conference that takes place virtually.  My fellow panelists were Amanda Steinberg from Dailyworth, Amy Errett from Maveron and the moderator Pemo Theodore.  Our topic was Funding Your Own Startup.

It is a strange event in the fact that it takes place on line and I truly have no idea how many people are in the audience or listening.  Yet on the other hand, we had an interesting dialogue and hopefully shed some light for many women entrepreneurs on questions that they might not feel so comfortable about asking in a public forum.

The questions might seem simple but if you have never done it, how would you know.  How do I fund my startup?  What is the difference between a seed round, an angel round and a VC round?  Is a lean startup important? 

The timing was perfect after sitting down with Nancy Hechinger this morning and talking about what exactly is the next Womens Entrepreneur Festival going to look like?  How can we make it different?  How can we educate more women about the real start-up questions?  How can we connect women CEO's together so that they can create groups to rely on for advice such as how YPO does (Young Presidents Organization). 

The panel conversations should be live soon.  There are a bunch of different panels worth listening to that took place.  Also, if you have any thoughts on the next Womens Entrepreneur Festival…start a discussion here!